Can a Cell Phone Conversation Make a Plane Crash?

Can a Cell Phone Conversation make a Plane Crash? or a Forced Emergency Landing?

After boarding on an airplane we are used to listen to the flight attendant / steward / Captain's command us to turn off all cell phones and portable electronic devices right before the planes take off.

Genuinely, we all heard and obeyed these types of command for years believing that the cell phones or the electronic devices may somehow bring down a jet, may be a few frequent fliers ignore this and take it for a routine or for granted?!

But could our cell phone conversation make a plane crash? Really?

One may also have some kind of serious doubts in the minds; but a confidential industry study obtained by ABC news indicates there could be really be serious safety issues related to cell phones and other electronic devices.

A report by the International Air Transport Association described that the pilots and the crew members believe that there are 75 separate incidents which occurred due to the interface of the electronic equipment.

Now the question that comes into the mind that how could mobile conversation can make a plane crash?

Yeah, its true because they may interface with the pilots navigation systems as per the sources but the idea that your cell phone or portable devices could crash a plane is a myth, yes. But like many myths it also has some truth en-grafted in it. A planes navigation system could be affected by your cell phones, PEDs or iPods but the planes cockpit is highly shielded to prevent such types of calamities.

There are lots of debate has surrounded the use of cell phones on airplanes. The primary thing is that it might rally interface with the navigation and communication system of the plane. Most of the airlines have reported disturbances in cabin pressure, compass functions and wireless navigation system associated with the use of cell phones on the plane. There are also some reports that the use of cell phones on planes may cause disturbances in ground communication because of interference.

The electromagnetic interference to aircraft systems is possible from active radio transmitters such as cell phones (mobiles), iPods, remote controlled toys etc. but after undergoing some observations and experiments it found that there is no such evidence that use of electronic devices could interfere with an aircraft system.

Like the United States, several European countries have banned cell phones on air planes but as the safety and ground telecommunication issues have been addressed by new technology, those bans have been lifted.

As most of the travelers are aware that once the cabin doors closes all the MP3 players, DVD players, electronic gadgets, cell phones must be turned off until the plane reaches 10,000 feet. The use of cell phones is prohibited anytime the plane is in the air.

Safety is the highest concern for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). So the officials worry that the portable electronic devices including the cell phones emit radio signals that will interface with the aircraft communications or flight control navigation system. Since the year 2003 the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) has been examining electromagnetic interference from electronic devices.

There are different reports which are contradictory to each other in case of use of cell phones leading to plane crashes; hence it is really difficult to decide certain about it, but to be on the safer side just obey your Captain's advise always : ) Am I right?

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