Free App for Making BlackBerry Mobile Call Conference

About Research-in-Mobile (RIM) BlackBerry Free Mobile Audio Call Conferencing (tele-conferencing) App

(Canada's) RIM Blackberry has launched its useful and long awaited BlackBerry free mobile call conferencing app (for North America & Canada RIM Blackberry users) in the Blackberry App world to make easy, on the go calls with other Blackberry smart mobile owners / users!

One Click Connect or Re-connect / Join or Re-Join a tele-call conferencing session on the Go on Single button

With the latest free app from Blackberry world one can connect seamlessly to the ongoing tele-conferencing session with another RIM users, and if disconnected he can re connect or re join the tele-meeting on the tap of a single button, this app automatically detects and is able to dial the call conference bridge to let you connected with other such users in the mobile meeting,

Call Conferencing App connects seamlessly with Blackberry smart mobile / calander

This call meeting app is wonderful enough to get integrated seamlessly with the calendar on your RIM Blackberry so you are 'in-connection' with almost all of your phone calls,

One Click Join Now Button

The JOIN NOW button on this app is very helpful to convert all the call conference details into one and single JOIN NOW click-able tab so that any user very easily find and join the audio conference on the go over Blackberry in one single click,

Moderator Codes are Hidden with this app

This is a good and important feature to schedule or initiate a call conference over Black berry mobile, that this conference app hides the moderator codes etc. and the users or participants only can see that much of the information, which they actually need to join that call session,

The app works over V5.0 or high Blackberry mobile software!

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