Bee Social HD-TV App for iPad

The Wireless and various Apps technology is making us crazy, the world and the society is banking on mobile technology! Life is MOBILE now : )

Even the smallest of things have become so very easy with all the latest technology that it seems to be a different world enjoyment and fun. The latest name in this is Bee social HD-TV sharing app for the iOS: Apple iPad.

Like it is rightly said that watching TV is supposed to be fun and enjoyment and now with this you are able to enjoy watching TV, all your favorite programs and movies with your family and friends even when you are not together.

It really provides an excellent opportunity to interact with your friends and others about what you are currently watching. Thus this is something that will make your TV viewing experience much more social, joyous and personalized than ever before.

BEE TV app permits you the following attributes:

-One can view what all your friends are watching right now including your social networking friends on Facebook and twitter.

- It will help you discover new HD-TV shows and movies and also let your friends and others know about it.

- Find the people who are fans of your favorite shows and movies and ultimately make new friends.

- Of-course, you will also be able to rate, comment and report on TV shows, soap opera, serials and movies.

- See what are the most trending shows and also understand what the public reviews about them are. is a Milan-based company; it provides programming recommendations technology for social TV, Web and mobile. And the latest with it is that it has announced the accessibility of a free iPad application in the Apple iTunes Application Store.

According to the company, the new application will enable the users to receive individualized recommendations for content ranging from real-time broadcast programming to online and mobile TV shows and movies.

This will give content testimonies using a proprietary technology that according to the company will examine and match individual tastes, likings and preferences.

According to, users of the new iPhone application will facilitate you in the following ways:

• You will be able to receive individualized information and suggestions for broadcast TV and online and mobile TV programming;

• You can also unwrap new TV shows and movies and can watch on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, as well as on TV and the Web;

• You will be able to discover TV shows and movies from Apple iTunes and other storefronts;

• Also this will allow you to view customized TV listings;

• You can also request shows similar to the ones you like;

• With this you will be able to create your own watch lists;

• This social mobile TV app will also help you to request TV reminders with "smart alerts";

• Undoubtedly you will be able to grade, remark on and share recommendations with friends.

… Be a Honey-Bee now with Bee TV app for iPhone, and never watch the TV alone, while you are alone!

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