BABABOO Free Phone Calls to iPhone Users

Huh! Cell phone bills are expensive. We need the cell phones but that doesn't mean that we can make the calls in the cheap rates. Imagine…. making free phone calls to any of the Apple iPhone users!!!

Yeah! It is now possible with the help of Bababoo app. You might be thinking how it could be?

There are really a couple of players in the space. Skype allows desktop to desktop calling. Pinger allows you to make calls over Wifi. So, here is the smart gadget that has enables the users to make the free phone calls to the iPhone users. BABABOO, yes, it is a new telecommunication start up that is bringing an “intelligent” mission to the mobile phones. Let’s see what it really is?

Bababoo is a connection platform company and the creator of the world’s first “intelligent” calling application. Your mobile phone might be connected to Internet for at least 60% of the day. So, why can’t be Internet automatically used to make the free calls and thus save your money?

Yes, it is possible now. Bababoo's intelligent calling service made that possible to the users. Bababoo offers a wifi and 3G based mobile calling solutions. It is very easy to use as standard iPhone dialers. The main function of Bababoo is to serve million of customers at the cheaper rate than what their carrier provides.

The most exclusive feature of Bababoo is that the users phone number, contacts and the caller ID remains same while Bababoo intelligent calling service conventionally conceives that the phone is linked to the Internet or not.

If it is connected then the calls to other users are made free. The calls to the landlines or non-Bababoo customers are charged very cheap around 2 cents per minute domestically. Can you believe? But, it’s true. The call rates to non-Bababoo users are really very low of cost. The Bababoo users just need to press the Bababoo button dialer thus it is effortless and cost saving too.

Bababoo interface is just the same as the iPhone dialer and you need to keep the same phone number without porting. You need to just dial and we place the call in a comparative lowest rate.

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