Apple ICloud, IMessage, IOS 5 (PC Free), How To & What?

Apple ICloud (Free), IMessage, PC Free - IOS 5

Apple Inc. finally has unveiled its most awaiting iCloud services for its iDvices viz.: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac Pc etc,

What is Apple iCloud / Cloud Music?

Apple's Icloud is simply a storage & replicating service which stores all of your media, data (photos, music, calendar, documents etc.), iTunes into the 'cloud', this cloud than 'pushes' the data as and when desired to any of your iGadgets automatically, either this is your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or PC,

iCloud is basically that application, which tries to transform the gadgets and tries to envelope the traditional file system with the most modern technology, which we the world known as the CLOUD!

iCloud Computing is Apple's HARD DRIVE or DIGITAL HUB in the Sky?!

Yes its really like a hard drive embedded in the sky or within the clouds, where the data / content is stored / shared (on multiple iOS devices) and one can access it seamlessly, on all the igadgets from anywhere on the move,without a syncing or any data management, iCloud is able to do all the things itself for you,

5GB of iCloud is FREE, just sign up free

Apple iCloud is free to sign up and than it gives you upto 5GB data storage capacity, which Apple says is a big space actually,

Just Taste iCloud with iTunes 10.3, iOs

If anxious to get a taste of Apple iCloud with iTunes than you can do it now, download the iTune 10.3 and taste the thunder!

Apple versus Google Cloud Computing

Apple iCloud and Google's Chrome OS / web browser which is also a cloud based computing platform are two different notions which looks something similar but are different, like Apple want to play with its native Apps in the cloud and Google wants or its vision is to run software on the web browser!

Apple PC Free iOS 5 beta / Notification Center / Top Tools / iMessage / iTunes Wireless over-the-air-Syncing with iOS 5 / Twitter /

Apple Inc. also revealed the details of its operating system's latest version: iOS 5 (beta)

Why Apple i-Cloud is NOT a threat to other online storage services?

According to New York Times (NYT) the Apple's latest wonder: iCloud should not be a threat to many online storage services / cloud computing services for many of the reasons ... iCloud work with Apple i-devices and within its own eco-system! But what about MS Word, Excel or Acrobat?

Competition in Cloud and Wireless Technology!

The advent of the wireless technology and cloud computing is hot and the latest phenomenon to get ahead of the crowd and Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM etc seems to be in a very tough fight to gain the wireless market supremacy?!

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