App for Live TV Broadcast on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Innovation and the technology have brought so much of change into our lives that it’s even beyond our imagination.

Technology is tremendously affiliated with invention & evolution! This is mainly transmutation of concepts into something which is extremely useful. This advancement of wireless technology has catered us with so much of less need for time and resources.

This fact cannot be denied that the biggest and the most effective tool of technology is the mobile phones. Almost everybody be it an ordinary person or a millionaire uses a mobile phone for communication.

Though we depend a lot on mobile phones and they do serve us immensely we still we that may be there could be some more applications which would come along with the mobile phones would be great. Like sometimes we not at our homes and wanting to watch a favorite soccer game or say any other of your favorite programs may be which are live then we are often half hearted at work.

Constantly thinking about what would be going on in the program. For everyone who wants this application on your iPhone, it’s good news… Now Luci Live is come up with an application which enables you to watch live broadcast of TV on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Is not that great?

Luci Live is a well instituted and also an award winning app (application) by Technica Del Arte that permits to stream live audio to and from the studio. This works in a very different manner from that of other applications of that sort because the working of this is two-way through any of the professional IP-codec and also possesses the ability to play pre-recorded material while broadcasting. This is a well reputed product globally and thus has earned a lot of importance lately.

There are a lot of features that come along with this application. You can have a look at the below mentioned features and definitely this will help you to understand how useful this is:

* You can record while the program is getting a broadcast.
* This application will also allow you to play pre-recorded material while broadcasting.
* MP2 codec, 48 kHz sample-rate, 32 to 384 kbps (mono or stereo).
* RTP or UDP low-delay streaming, two-way, hence this will also include return channel.
* 24-bit ULCC audio codec, 44.1 to 48 kHz sample-rate.
* The efficiency and the caliber of transmit is extremely high.
* Also it is very much on the mark with the latest IP technology and also upgraded from time to time.
* They will also support you with a free help desk via email for any queries that you have.

Also you can connect this with your professional microphone and headset, with the MCA3 cables for iPhone. These can be always ordered via internet at

App is expensive and costs USD 399.99 and is suitable for Apple iPhones 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd Generation, iPad.

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