iPad 2: IP-HD Group Video Meeting, Upto 20 Guys

Vidyo powered group call conferencing over Apple iPad 2 and many more devices, who says FRING is the very first to give this Group Video Calling over iPad 2?!

Even after the technology has advanced with leaps and bounds today, every one of us still seeks for something more that could help our lives a little bit more.

No doubt that many bigwigs like Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft etc have created history and completely revolutionized the world of internet & technology and of communication with the varied range of products.

One of the latest devices developed from Apple. Inc is the iPad2 tablet PC. It basically serves as a tool for all kind of stuff relevant to modern age communication and the web or the Internet world. The features and the technology delivered in iPad2 are advanced and perhaps there is nothing that can beat it. But technology is ever evolving, and never remains as it is or static …

Well, there is a new application called Vidyo which can be used for video conferencing or video meetings? When we think of communication through a cell phone that too along with video, what usually comes to our mind is may be at a time we can talk with two or maximum three people at a time. But guys you are wrong and behind time.

Yes can you believe this that Vidyo is a video conferencing system which enables to avail video conferencing from nine to twenty people at a time. Isn’t that fantastic? Today when we think of business, it base is dependent upon the level of communication that is carried out internally or externally.

If the communication is frail then definitely it has adverse effects on the development of the business. With this application when you are using video conferencing you will almost like all of you are sitting together in a conference hall and doing the discussions. This works with the standard sized hardware and also provides an extremely efficient and effectively quality.

The capability possessed by this application is really very unique and distinct. This will help you to achieve contact with a large number people sitting at one place. This is definitely a huge advantage for any business.

Video call conferencing also helps cost cutting which would otherwise be needed for some one to personally go and interact. Usually the biggest restriction to businesses for acquiring this facility was the expense, as it was highly expensive but with Vidyo it’s a lot different.

So all the businesses who strongly feel that telepresence is something which is not in their budgets, please wait and take a look at the Vidyo I am sure you will change your mind.

This is the right time for everyone to go and grab the VIDYO, this will surely act as an instrument in burgeoning your businesses and making your life cool!

Free Phone Calls to Pakistan: by Rebtel

How to make free mobile phone calls to Pakistan from rest of the world?

Rebtel is a name which makes sense when we think of free international calls in-between 50 Rebtel countries or cheap overseas calls to the rest of the world,

Rebtel specializes in providing phone to phone calls (from 2G or mobile or a land line) and you never need a PC, data plan or internet connectivity, 3G or WIFI to make these low cost or free calls,

Here is a really cool offer from Sweden based very reputed & honest Team Rebtel, they are offering absolutely free phone calls to Pakistan for their existing and new customers, just grab the coolest offer ever,

Only fine print is that, the Rebtel FREE phone calls to Pakistan offer stands up to when the free calling minutes gets exhausted, Rebtel is offering 2 million free minutes to Pakistan right now for this July 2011 promo, and as a fair user policy upto 400 free calling minutes are for the use of any single user!

If you are a paid customer of Rebtel than you are eligible to take the advantage of free phone calls to Pakistan, for new customers there is always a free no obligation test call to anywhere,

Well, for Talkfree7 VOIP Blog's UAE (Gulf) readers and also VOIP blocked nations' readers you may give it a shot to Rebtel telephony to make free calling to Pakistan, this could be cheaper than VOIP way, take the best and full throttle advantage of free calls to Pakistan,

If anytime any problem occurs pl do not hesitate to contact helping Rebtel [email protected]

Enjoy free Pakistan calling! Do inform your near and dears by sending the link of this blog or via Facebook, Twitter, Google's +1 etc. Bookmark us!

How to Scan-To-Pay Credit Card on Mobile App?

It’s so boring & lazy sometimes to swap the credit cards and then wait for it to get entered and then to do the formalities and all that stuff, huh!

Using a technology: Card.io the software developers for mobile apps. can accept credit card payments just by scanning from with-in their mobile apps, just grab the Android / Apple iOS SDK (software development kit),

To accept the credit card payments over the mobile apps, you have to hold your credit card (plastic money) in front of your cell phone camera / mobile phone camera rather than going through the doing all of this stuff typing etc. by hand or manually, rest of the things would be done by this mobile wireless technology to accept the credit card payment over a mobile phone,

Anyone who wants things to be get easier, than it’s a GOOD NEWS!!! I know all of you might be thinking that how can buying stuff be easier than buying it with credit cards, isn’t it? But actually yes you can save the time and the manual stuff that is needed when you buy something with the credit cards,

Oh come on! We are not kidding at all. We all know that the tendency of people spending is much more when there aren’t any efforts or rather less efforts are involved in it. That is the basic reason why every one prefers to carry plastic money / credit or debit cards instead of carrying a lot of hard cash or paper money.

A new technology called CARD.io has been evolved

This wireless mobile application provides for an efficient and easy scanning of credit cards. Many of us are a bit hesitant to make any kind of purchase due to the effort or hardships involved in it and Card.io is all about eliminating the efforts and the manual labor involved in any buying experience.

This application of Card.io means an extremely quicker way to pay. All you have to do is just hold your credit card in front of your mobile phone camera screen rather than going through the doing all of this stuff by hand, nothing to type or do manually. Be assure this will not save your credit card number or any data anywhere, they say it is a secure way to pay over mobile phones,

The scanning technology that this application possesses will automatically ‘read’ the details of the credit card which are needed for doing the payment. Card.io is kind of tool or rather a software development kit for all the mobile application developers.

This way to use this application is easy and seamless; you just have to sign up for this kit. There after you will be provided with a code to enter & paste and immediately after that you will be able to accept the payments of your credit card just by holding & scanning it.


SkypeIn: Skype Online Number, Shun Overseas Roaming

If you are a frequent globe trotter, than the Skype-IN is for you, it is an online personal number from Skype, the VOIP from Microsoft,

With Skypein you can say good bye for ever to the hefty international calls,

How Skypein works?

You will get a personal online number from Skype VOIP, than you may give this online number to yours which works to make phone calls from PSTN, landline or mobile to your Skype, like when yours will call you from a mobile or landline and dial your Skype in number you will get a call on your Skype (if / when you are online), thus it saves a hefty roaming fee and makes the roaming or international roaming calls for free,

Well, The SKYPE … this word is not new to anyone in that world. Skype is one of the most democratic voice communication services all around the world. The VOIP calling service provided by Skype is free for desktop-to-desktop callers.

Through Skype you can able to do free global video chatting too. Ahead of this, Skype had given all it's users an interesting option of Skype In. We will learn what does it really mean and how it is used?

So basically, the Skype In is the service through which you can receive call from PSTN or your Smartphone on your computer screen using Skype, you will get calls over your laptop or PC which is outfitted with the input and output devices such as head set and speakers and being linked using wireless technologies.

It is just so simple to use Skype In. For that you have to purchase one or more phone numbers which will be consorted with your Skype user account. You can then share this number to whom you want to contact through your Skype to their Smart phones.

The person who does the call won't be aware that the call is being received on computer as the sound he will be hearing is just as you received on mainstream phones. Also the person will not be able to locate your destination.

An online number is required to get connected with Skype In. online number is a number that arrives with you wherever you are. Your friends can call you on the online number from their cell phones or land lines and you can answer them from Skype account wherever your destination might be.

A voice mail is attached with every Skype online number. So, when you are not available your family or friends can just simply leave a message which in turn you can listen after you sign on the Skype.

Get involved into the BIG online virtual world of Skype VOIP, it serves you right!


iPad 2 Group Video Call (4-Way) by Fring

Four Way Group Video Call Cross-Platform on iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, iPod Touch, Nokia, Android

Hold your breath, Apple iPad, iPad 2 and Fring mobile VOIP have joined hands and are coming with 4 way group video calling on Apple’s Big-small screen i.e. to iPad’s (& iPad 2) digital screen,

Also the cross-platform video calls over iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad 2, Mac, Nokia, Android are now available with Fring App, just download it for free from iTunes store, Android market etc,

Now you can make a download of FREE Apple App from Fring from iTunes store and start making an unlimited FREE (Fring to Fring) video group chat sessions to anywhere in the world from any where in the world,

The latest Fring app supports Bluetooth for Apple iPhone users!

If you are using Fring to Non-Fring client than you may use cheap video group calls using FRINGOUT service which provides for low cost video / audio calling on mobile phones (cell phones) and Apple iPad, iPad 2 etc,

Remember Fring works over WIFI, 3G, 4G all networks and you can use them as you wish,

Facetime versus Fring versus Skype VOIP Video Calls on iPad

Facetime is the in-house (native) & embedded video chat application from Apple Inc. which comes pre-installed on Apple iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 2, Mac etc and gives freedom to make an unlimited FREE WIFI calling on (in-between) these Apple iOS devices, but currently this only works over a WIFI network and also many VOIP blocked nations like UAE (Gulf) have blocked Facetime video call conferencing etc,

MS Skype the VOIP stronghold too is coming over Apple iPad 2 and than the Facetime will have to face a stiff competition in the video calling arena on iPad,

Fring is a cool IP solution for mobile social networking and internet calling from Israel, this gives DVQ quality video calls and perhaps is the first in the VOIP industry to offer 4 way group video calls over cell phones (smart mobile phones) and now also on iPad and iPad 2 etc.

WebRTC: Open-Real Time Communication, What is it?

WebRTC: Open-Real Time Communication, Tell me More!

Google WebRTC (real time communication; Google released source code) is an open source project (and is like an open VOIP protocol) which would allow the real time BROWSER CALLING, i.e. a browser to browser communication which could be audio or video calling, and there is no need of a server to get involved into this all,

WebRTC open source project API will use P2P (peer-to-peer) web API which will help the developers to integrate video / audio communication, by implementing P2P linking between the web browsers,

This is based on the HTML5 and Javascript APIs to develop real time communication apps, and which would not have to install the third party clients or plugin solution, licensed under the ROYALTY-FREE licence!

Google seems to take on Microsoft's Skype VOIP citadel and Apple's Facetime lucrative free video chat, and has made it easy by acquiring of GIPS, which specializes in video call conference and Broadband telephony!

Get Ready for the Chrome Video Chat

Chrome (Mozilla and Opera too supports) is the very first to taste the WebRTC solution than Chrome will allow us to make a real time video calling like Skype or Facetime on Mac with no need of downloading any plugins or any third party video calling software like Skype or Fring!



Libjingle: Google Talk Voice / P2P inter operability library

Skype VOIP for iPad 2, How to?

Skype VOIP for iPad 2, How to and When?

Skype, undoubtedly the 'cutest' among-est the VOIP providers is all set to give you a pleasant surprise, Skype is coming for a download soon on iPad & iPad 2, than you can use your iPad2 as a communication hub or a telephone and can make free Skype to Skype worldwide calls,

Skype is world's largest VOIP free calls provider which ALSO provides the all free, unlimited audio and video crystal clear P2P calls,

Skype also works over iPhone and even video calling can be done on the move over Apple iPhone device and now is the turn of Apple iPads (iPad, iPad 2)

FaceTime or Skype on iPad 2?

Will you use Facetime video calls or Skype the VOIP for making video calls on your iPad 2 tablet? is the question now : )

Facetime is the native video calling (WIFI only) for free client from Apple on iPhone, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4g, but Skype has to be downloaded from iTunes store which is unmatched King of VOIP,

Now the time will tell that who will use what, but FYI: Facetime only works over WIFI and only in between iOS devices and we know Skype works WIFI and 3G both and also works on cross-platform devices.


App for Live TV Broadcast on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Innovation and the technology have brought so much of change into our lives that it’s even beyond our imagination.

Technology is tremendously affiliated with invention & evolution! This is mainly transmutation of concepts into something which is extremely useful. This advancement of wireless technology has catered us with so much of less need for time and resources.

This fact cannot be denied that the biggest and the most effective tool of technology is the mobile phones. Almost everybody be it an ordinary person or a millionaire uses a mobile phone for communication.

Though we depend a lot on mobile phones and they do serve us immensely we still we that may be there could be some more applications which would come along with the mobile phones would be great. Like sometimes we not at our homes and wanting to watch a favorite soccer game or say any other of your favorite programs may be which are live then we are often half hearted at work.

Constantly thinking about what would be going on in the program. For everyone who wants this application on your iPhone, it’s good news… Now Luci Live is come up with an application which enables you to watch live broadcast of TV on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Is not that great?

Luci Live is a well instituted and also an award winning app (application) by Technica Del Arte that permits to stream live audio to and from the studio. This works in a very different manner from that of other applications of that sort because the working of this is two-way through any of the professional IP-codec and also possesses the ability to play pre-recorded material while broadcasting. This is a well reputed product globally and thus has earned a lot of importance lately.

There are a lot of features that come along with this application. You can have a look at the below mentioned features and definitely this will help you to understand how useful this is:

* You can record while the program is getting a broadcast.
* This application will also allow you to play pre-recorded material while broadcasting.
* MP2 codec, 48 kHz sample-rate, 32 to 384 kbps (mono or stereo).
* RTP or UDP low-delay streaming, two-way, hence this will also include return channel.
* 24-bit ULCC audio codec, 44.1 to 48 kHz sample-rate.
* The efficiency and the caliber of transmit is extremely high.
* Also it is very much on the mark with the latest IP technology and also upgraded from time to time.
* They will also support you with a free help desk via email for any queries that you have.

Also you can connect this with your professional microphone and headset, with the MCA3 cables for iPhone. These can be always ordered via internet at www.luci.eu

App is expensive and costs USD 399.99 and is suitable for Apple iPhones 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd Generation, iPad.

How to Win Skype Group Video Call Subscription (Free)?

How to Win a Free Skype Group Video Call Subscription Package?

Skype the wonder VOIP has a premium subscription package to make group video calling and one has to buy a monthly subscription to make Video calling within a group over Skype,

But you can win a free subscription package for 3 months to make group video chat over Skype VOIP by Tweeting your best human deed / random act of kindness, you had done in your life, just login to your Twitter to Tweet to your micro blog about your act of kindness, go to hash tag #skypegives and win a video calling package on Skype for 3 months,

Good Luck! 

Net Talk Duo: Free Calls to US-Canada

Nettalk Duo is a hardware or a small piece of device (something like Magic Jack) which enables us to talk over Internet / VOIP.

netTALK General Brand Ad

This device also carries an extremely splendid advantage that is it has the ability to connect directly to your router’s internet connection or through your computer. With this you can call through out US and Canada.

Make VOIP Calling without a laptop, PC or computer

Also this will provide you with a facility of making unlimited long distance calls in US and Canada. You have to connect your high speed Internet and existing home phone into the Duo and then get connected anywhere around the US and Canada.

Also your problem for finding the numbers or contact details will not be a problem as Net Talk Duo will provide you with complementary directory assistance. Hence you can now save a lot or your money because this device will allow you to say good bye to your conventional old phones.

All of us know that while talking on those traditional phones we are so tensed that later may be the bill will cost a bomb. But with this device you will not have to worry about those fears about the monthly payments of the telephone bills.

You will also get a free US phone number with this device. There is an advantage of free 411 directory help. You will also be facilitated with many other benefits like three way calling, call forwarding, free call waiting and many more.

For the convenience of the users NetTalk Duo also provides with an Online Customer Account Management Application which has many features to manage your personal information in an extremely seamless and a systematic manner.

They have also been very keen on this possibility that you may also need technical support; hence they also provide live technical support through out the week. There is one more facility which comes along with this device which may be you might have never even heard of that is when you get a voice mail, this device will directly send these voice mail messages to your email address and that just not in the form of a message but in the form of the actual spoken message as an audio file.

Thus you can just use yours or anybody else’s PC to listen to your voice mail messages without even needing the phone. Also this is an absolutely inexpensive way to make international calls because the rates are extremely cheap and will not a burden for anyone to call.

This application is not only cheap but also Fax friendly and congenial. Its just so many benefits that are added on with this device that the list can get never ending. FYI: this device also provides you with the facility of Caller ID.

We know that with this small wonder hardware you can view the phone number beforehand and then decide accordingly about answering the call or not.

This is one of the most downloaded software on Amazon, Wal-Mart and many of the social networking sites. So today this is the most happening and useful device in today’s world and will definitely save a lot of your money on communication.

How to Integrate Skype as Facebook Chat Client?

Use Skype the VOIP? Well, now with Skype, it is possible to chat directly with our Facebook friends and contacts. Is not it a pleasure to know? This could really be a cool addiction for all Skype and Facebook users.

Till now you might have been using Facebook just to share your feelings with your friends but now there is new technology that is launched recently through which you can chat with the Facebook users within Skype.

A new release SKYPE 5.5, it is a new version of Skype that allows you to chat directly with your Facebook contacts. Wherever and whenever you are you can chat with your online Facebook friend with the help of this new technology.

You might think that it’s going to be tough to make the connections, but no! The connection is just simple as you think. You just have to simply connect your Facebook account with Skype and then it will show all of your Facebook friends in a new “Facebook” tab.

If your friend is online then you just click his/her name and select “send an IM” option and right then onwards start Facebook chat session.

Previously you have to again and again keep switching in the Facebook to see if a friend is online or does anyone posted a message but now there is no necessity to do these steps as the information will appear on the system itself.

Also Skype is a cool and seamless option for you if you are expecting to chat with you Facebook friends outside the browser.

The Skype for Windows 5.5 includes some features:-

• Facebook Instant Messaging-> you can chat directly with your Facebook friends directly with the help of Skype 5.5

• Facebook contact tab-> a new tab within Skype to let the friends contact list appear.

• New call control toolbar-> having the pre-designed graphics icons.

• A better visual placing for a call hold.

• The phone number list is modified to save the phone numbers in “call phone” section.

The best option of video calling, chatting is at your finger touch.

Stay tuned to the world’s one of the best online chatting, video calling service!

Cisco-UMI -Telepresense Video Call System, What's It?

Cisco-UMI -Telepresense Video Call System, What's It?

Join the family and friends in the living room over HD television!!

A company named CISCO is expecting to bring tele-presence within your living room. CISCO who has achieved a good name in business with its telepresence technology, wishes to bring the same to your house. CISCO has announced a home telepresence product called UMI which is pronounced as UMI (you-me).

Today as families are more and more equipped with high speed Internet, HD televisions screens, LCD’s and LED’s but now the boom will be of telepresence in the drawing / living room.

The main motto of this product is to bring Grandpa-Grandma into the living room so that your kids can share all their matters or feelings or their school achievements with them.

Not only just to share with your family but the company ideas far beyond that. CISCO wants to bring telepresence in every home as well as the video service for the other consumers such as health care, education and government services where it is rather more important.

CISCO wants to add your family as well as your friends to your drawing room at the click of a button with clear sight and sound. You can share a laugh; share your feelings, expressions and many more with your friends and family members. You can spend some prime time together and have a wonderful moment with them.

Just imagine that you are very ill and your doctor is examining you or your science tutor giving demonstrations!! It’s just simply awesome.

This is what CISCO-UMI is about.

About the pricing of product it’s a kind of plunge. You have to pay for the set top box along with monthly rental for unlimited use.

The new concept of work from your own comfort level whether from home or office is now possible because of this new technology called UMI. It will now take along the distinctive telepresence experience into the drawing room and thus will modify the way we are able to be together with our family and friends.

CISCO is visualizing a great future where technologies like UMI will play a vital role connecting consumers with businesses to alter the delivery of new services right from education, to health car, to financial services last but not the least to the home.

Be together with UMI video conferencing technology today, tomorrow and forever…..

How to Transfer Open Apps Between PC & Mobile Phone?

We are completely surrounded by technology today. As known to all we depend a lot on technology for our many day to day needs. But though still in some cases we feel that I wish I could this also be done using technology. Because our needs are never ending and everyone wants something more.

Many a times it happens that we are surfing on the Internet and then we do reach a desired point where in we need to leave for kind of urgency or some thing similar to that and then we feel that I wish I could transfer the applications which are open on the computer to my phone.

This would practically sound impossible, also to make people believe in something like this is difficult because people have become far more skeptical. It happens that many a times you wish to go somewhere and you are trying to find the way or the directions through the computer, and then it happens that just before going out that too when you are in immense hurry you have to type it all over again.

This is the time when you feel that it would have been so nice if there something with which you could transfer open applications between a computer and a cell phone. But today this has also become possible as Tsung-Hsiang Chang has designed a new system which will unable you to open the applications of your computer on your cell phone.

You just have to point & shoot PC, laptop computer screen and this has to be done using your smart phone’s camera and then this will automatically open the application in the tallying state.

... And not only this you can also transfer the data or applications from your phones to your computer. It is true that it happens that sometimes you have to transfer a lot of data or check out stuff for which you need to connect USB’s or stuff of similar kind but, when you just need the transfer for a small data, then it’s tedious to do all this connecting and stuff so its very simple and handy to use this technology at such times.

This system is called as Deep Shot (by MIT.edu). It just requires an installation of small software on your phones and also to all the computers with which the phone is going to be interacting with.

... because it may happen that you might need to transfer data from may be laptop, or your Personal Computer, or may be your work desktop so for this you need to connect and install the software in all computers.

The Deep Shot will certainly make things a lot easier for us in managing our data and thus lead a more comfortable mobile life.

How to Send PDF Files Via SMS Online?

How to Send *PDF attachments via Online Text?

“INTERNET”, a fabulous global system!! Today’s generation is addicted to Internet service. What can Internet do? As you all know that there is no such thing or an activity that Internet cannot perform. It really makes the world to come closer with the help of SMS, live chatting, video chatting and many more. Here, we are going to see how does a Portable Document Format (PDF) attachments can be send via online SMS. Yes, this can be happen now!

We all are very well known about the SMS service. It is short text messages which are send through the mobiles. There are various SMS software’s currently present on the Internet for our use. Many of them are free to access. One such software is ToText.net online SMS.

When we send an email to a person all the time we don’t attach any PDF document to it. But, if the PDF document is attached then toText.net online SMS software finds the PDF document and draws out the applicable information such as the destination or the nature of the job from the data file and forward it to the recipient as an SMS.

The companies such as vehicle hire or other maintenance companies who expeditiously operate and provide a good quality sales and services to their customers are lively to their success. In order to achieve this, they have a choice to invest in the advanced job management and allocation software system.

Majority of these systems prefer emails as the primary communication of way. All the details regarding a job or order is uploaded onto the system and this is used to make a unique job sheet. These sheets are then mailed to the appropriate personnel who are located in different part of countries as emails with the PDF attachments.

It might be easier if the recipient has a mobile phone or Wifi connection. But if they don’t have then they may not receive any urgent updates or any crucial job information. It then becomes very much difficult to take any advance action over any task.

ToText.net has some limitations but they have been overcome in order to run the software smoothly. The SMS software evokes the information and sends it to the recipient in the form of SMS. The software just changes the message into a text format allowing companies the option to send the data via SMS as well as emails.

This facility of email to SMS service will probably be beneficial in other industries such as drainage or various gas companies where the job is critical for their engineers. Due to such type of SMS service they can instantly receive the information and a result would avoid difficulties that strike public health and safety.

Mobile phones are very popular. Everybody has one phone connection. In case if 3G signal is poor then the related personnel might not get the message but because of this new facility of sending emails via SMS. You can pass the message as quick as possible to the relevant person.

Social TV: Enjoy Bamboom

Social TV: Enjoy BAMBOOM

"Darling, would you please jiggle the antenna?"
"Ah Man, the match has started"
"What to watch, what to watch? No connection"
"Am paying $100 a month for this"

These are quite often hearings while walking on the roadside.

But now TV is free of all the shackles!! TV Escapes!! Shocked?

Yes, really a great invention in the broadcasting media has occurred. It's BAMBOOM, who want to bring live, broadcast TV to your phone, Tablet or PC. You must be thinking that will that could be ever possible? The answer is YES. It's going to happen sooner.

Bamboom, the most recent company that is assuring to hand over live, over-the-air broadcasts to your mobile phones, computers for a free. The service which Bamboom provides is totally legal that is; not like the other companies which just simply catch the live broadcasts from the local TV stations and then rerun them.

To avoid this issues Bamboom is going to allot own antenna to each customers. Now you would think that antenna means same experience that is to get an antenna, stuck it on top of your TV or on a upper side of your house. But no, there is a huge divergence in Bamboom antenna that is, the antenna is laid at the company's headquarters and packed tightly with thousands of other antennas. Bamboom then claws up your antenna to the internet granting you to current broadcast to PC or mobile device.

Including this Bamboom could finally offer a DVR service letting you to record shows for later viewer. The company is also rolling up with Netflix service so that you can close the Bamboom application and you can either watch TV, watch movies or the various programs accessible from Netflix.

Does the application have any social features in it? Yes, it true. Bamboom allows you to chat with other users while you are seeing the live TV shows.

One question does come in mind is that what will be the cost for this?

On the contrary the basic service might be free but Bamboom could charge for other features such as DVR access or Netflix.

It is very much interesting to see that how companies are enclosing the surviving laws by duplicating your home media setup on a remote servers. Can't rerun TV over the Internet? All right we will just set up a remote TV tuners and antennas.

Everyone loves TV. The lovely comedies and dramas, exciting competitions, amazing range of live sports, wonderful educational and family programs. We all enjoy all the programs.

What nobody likes is the disturbance that comes in between, the lack of choice and portability. But all that is going to change! Yes, Bamboom is a big, bold new technology having the principles:

• Free over-the-air broadcast TV.

• Our customers should have the exemption to choose when and where they watch,

Whatever they want to watch on whatsoever device they want to see it.

With such technology you break free from distinctive TV experience. Free from constrictive and expensive TV packages. Free from wires and boxes. With this your TV will just becomes mobile. Your TV becomes social and it's all enclosed in a graceful and easy-to-use experience that you can work on the sets/devices you previously have.

BABABOO Free Phone Calls to iPhone Users

Huh! Cell phone bills are expensive. We need the cell phones but that doesn't mean that we can make the calls in the cheap rates. Imagine…. making free phone calls to any of the Apple iPhone users!!!

Yeah! It is now possible with the help of Bababoo app. You might be thinking how it could be?

There are really a couple of players in the space. Skype allows desktop to desktop calling. Pinger allows you to make calls over Wifi. So, here is the smart gadget that has enables the users to make the free phone calls to the iPhone users. BABABOO, yes, it is a new telecommunication start up that is bringing an “intelligent” mission to the mobile phones. Let’s see what it really is?

Bababoo is a connection platform company and the creator of the world’s first “intelligent” calling application. Your mobile phone might be connected to Internet for at least 60% of the day. So, why can’t be Internet automatically used to make the free calls and thus save your money?

Yes, it is possible now. Bababoo's intelligent calling service made that possible to the users. Bababoo offers a wifi and 3G based mobile calling solutions. It is very easy to use as standard iPhone dialers. The main function of Bababoo is to serve million of customers at the cheaper rate than what their carrier provides.

The most exclusive feature of Bababoo is that the users phone number, contacts and the caller ID remains same while Bababoo intelligent calling service conventionally conceives that the phone is linked to the Internet or not.

If it is connected then the calls to other users are made free. The calls to the landlines or non-Bababoo customers are charged very cheap around 2 cents per minute domestically. Can you believe? But, it’s true. The call rates to non-Bababoo users are really very low of cost. The Bababoo users just need to press the Bababoo button dialer thus it is effortless and cost saving too.

Bababoo interface is just the same as the iPhone dialer and you need to keep the same phone number without porting. You need to just dial and we place the call in a comparative lowest rate.

Communication iPad App For Guys With Speech Problems

Communication iPad App For Guys With Speech Problems

On the Earth there are millions of people who are unable to speak properly. For such people there exist many solutions. In the advanced field of computing and mobiles there is a great invention for them who are suffering from speech disabilities. The mobile application recently launched its first free application called VERBALLY.

It is aimed and designed to bring speech for the speechless. Verbally is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) for the people who are unable to speak. There are many reasons to cause such type of disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Brain Injury, strokes and many more. It is a wonderful application for these types of peoples.

Verbally” the application is designed in such a way that it allows users to tap the words they wish to convey with others on the applications keyboards or also they can use the pre-prepared words or phrases to communicate which will be then converted into audio phrases (text to speech).

The application is the brainchild of Anil, Gautam Godhwani with the help of their cousin Ajay who lost their mother because of failure of her voice. After then they all started investigating solutions for voice failures.

Verbally was then founded by them which are a complete assisted speech solution for Apple iPad tablet PC. It is an easy to use technology to the speechless person. Verbally is a not so hard to use. It is simple designed software which users can communicate quickly without any problems.

The settings are quite comfortable for the novice. Verbally is totally free software which allows speechless persons to pass their feelings and expressions in a creative manner. This is just satisfactory software for the physically challenged (with speech) persons.

Reasons why anyone should choose verbally

Easy to use. There are organized words and phrases in it which can save the time and speed up your conversation.

There are three keyboards layouts so that you can choose the better one you can feel easy and comfortable for you.

It is also a free software application so it is cost saving application and also the 3G connection and the Wi-Fi is not required for it. You just have to download it from the iTunes application store and start to use the application.

Another revolutionary invention for speech problem persons is PROLOQUO2GO. It is the product of Assistive Ware which provides full featured communication solution for the speechless persons.

Proloquo2Go is fully designed with the features of powerful automatic couplings, a large default vocabulary. It is extremely easy to use on iPhone, iPad. The Augmentative and Alternative Communication was never been so portable and affordable before the launch of Proloquo2Go. The working of this application is extremely simple. If you are able to use an iPhone or an iPod touch, you can easily use the Proloquo2Go which has lot of advanced features.

The good part of the application is that there is no programming part involved in it. It includes natural sounding text to speech voices.

The best key features of Proloquo2Go are:-

• It is fully communicated with the default VocaSpace vocabulary.
• It is built-in natural sounding text to speech voices.
• It supports the picture and text base communication.
• It has 8000 built-in symbols.
• Automatic organization of the words.
• It is easy to cut copy and paste the words in it.
• It has quick approach to recently spoken items for last 15 minutes, last hour or all the way up to last one week.
• It has the best typing features assembled with self learning multi words for the typing the paragraphs.

Proloquo2Go is changing the current scenario for the people in the world who are unable to speak. This is the application that is changing the lives of peoples. The speech language pathologists also recommend the Proloquo2Go.

Recently Proloquo2Go wins the prestigious BETT award 2011. It is available at displays at al the Apple stores world wide.

It is cool and convenient product for the peoples suffering with autism, Down syndrome, Victim of stroke which can easily make the life of people happier than ever.

How to Broadcast Live HDTV Over WIFI?

How to Broadcast Live HDTV Over WIFI (IP)?

Today every ‘inch’ of a person is busy in his own life, we have millions of things to do, and every one seeks time for some or the other kind of entertainment to refresh him.

There are different things that people to like listen to music, play, or such of similar kind. But the most popular source of entertainment today is of course Television. Everyone has their own set of favorites on TV and some how or the other we manage to take some time out for watching those, but also this fact cannot be ignored that we are so busy with our professional lives and hence it is practically impossible to get time for all of our favorite things at their relevant times.

LIVE HDTV anywhere, anytime, any device, is it possible?

But wouldn't it be great if there is some sort of technology with which we could watch Live TV anywhere anytime, especially even when we are not at home. So for everyone who is just waiting for something of this kind to happen, your wait is over. As just a few days back Motorola Mobility has a new broadband device that will in reality stream live TV to any connected in-home IP device located on a home network.

Known as the Motorola Televation, this geeky gadget will use 1 GHz digital tuner + CableCard which would enable an access to broadcast TV channels directly from a coax outlet.

The device will work with a high-performance transcoder. The device also will have an Ethernet jack which will plug into the home Wi-Fi router and the TV shows can thus be wirelessly beamed or streamed over an IP to any device(s) connected to that home network.


• This acts as an autonomous content access point and effectively tunes in all the subscribed services and trans codes to the proper format without interrupting the household viewing.
• You can change the channels on the tablet in a very simple manner; also this will not at all disturb the other family members viewing.
• With this you will also be able to navigate Televation’s experience using an application on your tablet.
• The providers can either build their own branded application or use a customizable, ready to use application created by Motorola.
• Televation is extremely easy to install and proper for cost-effective, subscriber self-installation.

Everybody knows that we love TV but we absolutely crave for them to be able to watch it live on our phones or tablets.

So this is the smartest and the latest way of viewing live broadcast of TV over wifi.

Motorola also provides a reference client application for tablet devices that can be easily branded, giving customers an alternative to developing their own application. Also the biggest factor which is far superior in the technology is that this device will have the ability and capability to push content to multiple screens including your laptops, PC’s, tablets, phones are many more WiFi sources.

So everyone who loves to watch TV here is a technology that will never let you miss any of your programs where ever you are, all you need is just a WiFi and you have the live broadcast of TV over your WiFi.

How to use a Landline Number on iPhone?

How to use a Land-line Number on Apple iPhone smart mobile?

Communication is vital and the cell phones have become the necessity of our life. Due to these we possess the ability to stay connected to our family, friends, business and others. Land line phones are fixed with a wire hence they cannot be moved from one place to another, hence they possess a constraint but now the cell phones have become very popular as they are very easy and convenient to carry every anywhere, unlike the land lines which aren’t mobile.

Evolution of a new technology!

So moving on to a new technology where in we can connect land line to a mobile phone is evolved. Blueface is a new name that joined this epitome and has discovered this new application and the service for iPhone. Blueface has introduced a very novel application Banter; this is an application for iPhone which will permit you to receive calls through a landline phone number that they offer you. Thus will actually serve as a virtual number which you can use on the move.

There are also various benefits with it which you can get with this application. This provides you with a credit of 50 cents on subscription and then it depends on your wish to top it up as and when required. Also the prices proposed by these services are very inexpensive and also better than the conventional telephones.

The biggest element that distinguishes this from all the others among all the other companies providing such voice services around the globe is the virtual number you get. Thus this allows you an un-parallel application which gives a virtual number with which you can call globally. Also this can be done in a seamless and a trouble free manner and at a very low cost.

This is done in a very simple way by just downloading an application from the iTunes application store and all you have to do is just follow the instructions that are given. The Blueface Banter iPhone application work on iPhones OS 3.1 and higher including the iPhone 4. When you sign up the application you are asked for an area code, thus a number will be generated for your particular city or the country.

Now this would your new landline number. This number will allow you to receive calls from everyone you know. The call connection from your landline will be charged at the mobile prices to your device. Also its not that you will have to pay any rent or anything of the similar kind for this new landline number.

How it works:

i) Open the App, sign in and ensure you have credit in your account.
ii) Select 'Call' and choose the person you wish to call from your iPhone contacts list.
iii) The application will request a call from us to you and you can answer it.
iv) The call is then connected to the number you selected.

This application is immensely hassle-free, innovative and an inexpensive way to make calls and that possess a virtual landline number.


Can a Cell Phone Conversation Make a Plane Crash?

Can a Cell Phone Conversation make a Plane Crash? or a Forced Emergency Landing?

After boarding on an airplane we are used to listen to the flight attendant / steward / Captain's command us to turn off all cell phones and portable electronic devices right before the planes take off.

Genuinely, we all heard and obeyed these types of command for years believing that the cell phones or the electronic devices may somehow bring down a jet, may be a few frequent fliers ignore this and take it for a routine or for granted?!

But could our cell phone conversation make a plane crash? Really?

One may also have some kind of serious doubts in the minds; but a confidential industry study obtained by ABC news indicates there could be really be serious safety issues related to cell phones and other electronic devices.

A report by the International Air Transport Association described that the pilots and the crew members believe that there are 75 separate incidents which occurred due to the interface of the electronic equipment.

Now the question that comes into the mind that how could mobile conversation can make a plane crash?

Yeah, its true because they may interface with the pilots navigation systems as per the sources but the idea that your cell phone or portable devices could crash a plane is a myth, yes. But like many myths it also has some truth en-grafted in it. A planes navigation system could be affected by your cell phones, PEDs or iPods but the planes cockpit is highly shielded to prevent such types of calamities.

There are lots of debate has surrounded the use of cell phones on airplanes. The primary thing is that it might rally interface with the navigation and communication system of the plane. Most of the airlines have reported disturbances in cabin pressure, compass functions and wireless navigation system associated with the use of cell phones on the plane. There are also some reports that the use of cell phones on planes may cause disturbances in ground communication because of interference.

The electromagnetic interference to aircraft systems is possible from active radio transmitters such as cell phones (mobiles), iPods, remote controlled toys etc. but after undergoing some observations and experiments it found that there is no such evidence that use of electronic devices could interfere with an aircraft system.

Like the United States, several European countries have banned cell phones on air planes but as the safety and ground telecommunication issues have been addressed by new technology, those bans have been lifted.

As most of the travelers are aware that once the cabin doors closes all the MP3 players, DVD players, electronic gadgets, cell phones must be turned off until the plane reaches 10,000 feet. The use of cell phones is prohibited anytime the plane is in the air.

Safety is the highest concern for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). So the officials worry that the portable electronic devices including the cell phones emit radio signals that will interface with the aircraft communications or flight control navigation system. Since the year 2003 the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) has been examining electromagnetic interference from electronic devices.

There are different reports which are contradictory to each other in case of use of cell phones leading to plane crashes; hence it is really difficult to decide certain about it, but to be on the safer side just obey your Captain's advise always : ) Am I right?

Ericsson Mobile Money: How to Get & Send Money Over Mobile in Europe?

Introducing Ericsson Mobile Money: How to Get & Send Money Over Mobile in Europe?

Why Mobile Money or Mobile Wallet?

In today’s world scenario the life is hectic, it’s wireless and has become quiet different from it used to be earlier in 60’s, 70’s or so on … and still we are weird, and always on our toes : (

…. due to various ‘complications’ we have scattered from our families and friends. Career is overpowering the human lives, it’s equally necessary to make a proper career, which is not always near by to our family locations,

Hence due to different reasons we are quite often away from our families. Still we are at the times worried that if in case there is an extreme emergency and the family is in need of any monetary help then what?

Though in the very age of internet, there are many resources these days to send money across the globe, they come with a lot of questions like, are they reliable? Are they efficient? Would the money reach on time? Will the companies rip you off? Is it secure? Will it be too complicated? etc.

Hence evolved a name in money transfer across Europe’s 7 countries (viz.: France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, and Poland) and that’s Ericsson Connected Mobile Money.

Ericsson is a well known name in the world of technology and mobile! Did you have watched the James Bond 007 Sci-Fi movies, in which James Bond 007 always uses the magical powered, most high tech and sophisticated cell phone which was of the brand – Ericsson!

Ericsson is rather an institution which has a chronicle of being a pioneer in mobile & wireless communication and telephony and also a very high definition of technology. With this technology you can send, receive money on your mobile or even on line through Internet. So doesn't this sound absolute seamless?

This is a very novel and commodious way to avail mobile money and any monetary services and send money around the globe, that too in a very efficient and easy manner.

Setting up an account:

Also it will overturn the way how you handle your money. This is in fact extremely simple, the very first thing you need to do is register and set up an account. You will then have to load money into e-Wallet with your bank transfer, credit card or debit card. It is also very simple to have knowledge of your account details as you can access it 24/7 and that too it’s designed in a very clear manner and systematic manner.

How to send and receive money in 7 Euro nations?

When you wish to send money to someone, it’s very simple, that person should have a bank account and an account with the Ericsson money or one of the network partners.

So you will be able to send money via mobile in a flash. All you have to do is set up your contacts and you are ready. There will not be any long drawn out filling of forms or anything like that. The transfer of your money is just a click of your button away.

Additional benefits:

Once you have set up an account then you can add their prepaid card also. You can use this prepaid card just like you use your debit or credit cards or any others. You can pay online or shop anywhere using these cards. With this prepaid card you can also pay your bills and do other such type of stuff.

Where can you send money?

Now sending money anywhere around the globe will become as easy as you type a text message on your cell phones. In Europe you can send France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, and Poland.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost on this for a certain limited period of time initially but later on the cost is as per the derived packages. Also the cost is affordable and competitive.

Ericsson Connected Mobile Money (for Europe’s 7 nations) is an absolutely secured, reliable, seamless and efficient way to send and receive money. Also the company safeguards and protects all your personal and financial information whether you may be sending or receiving money.

You will also be provided SMS (text) and email alerts as when necessary. The company also provides you with 24/7 access to your account information. One more advantage of this will be that you can even withdraw money using your prepaid card from ATMs (automatic teller machines).

This is one of the most high-tech, wireless, affordable, reliable and an innovative way of sending and receiving money just in a fraction of seconds and that too in a very simple manner! Enjoy the Ericsson Money Mobile Wallet.


Internet Telephony Blocked? Try Spokn Now

Spokn is a name for the low cost, inexpensive or cheap provider of the internet phone calls (VOIP), with Spokn internet telephony you can make cell to cell or PC to cell cheap overseas calls, Spokn guys may not always be online but their telephony always is

Spokn application works with any landline, mobile, SIP devices, Java, Mac, Nokia, Windows Mobiles, Apple iPhone app and RIM's Blackberry too,

Spokn is a Geodesic company, known for its innovations like MUNDU free FM streaming app for mobiles,

Make an Internet (VOIP) Call from UAE, Middle East, VOIP Blocked nations with Spokn

Spokn claims that their newest WINDOWS DESKTOP CLIENT can really and intelligently bypass the VOIP blocks and can tunnel your voice calls over the internet way in a very cheap and effective manner, so you can always make a cheap VOIP calls from UAE or call blocked environments,

Viber too is an app which was giving VOIP calling from UAE (VOIP blocked) nations but later it was also blocked by UAE, let us see how Spokn works from there and if works, for how much days? Start counting now : )


It is said that, Skype, Apple Facetime free video calls etc all are blocked from UAE!

Bee Social HD-TV App for iPad

The Wireless and various Apps technology is making us crazy, the world and the society is banking on mobile technology! Life is MOBILE now : )

Even the smallest of things have become so very easy with all the latest technology that it seems to be a different world enjoyment and fun. The latest name in this is Bee social HD-TV sharing app for the iOS: Apple iPad.

Like it is rightly said that watching TV is supposed to be fun and enjoyment and now with this you are able to enjoy watching TV, all your favorite programs and movies with your family and friends even when you are not together.

It really provides an excellent opportunity to interact with your friends and others about what you are currently watching. Thus this is something that will make your TV viewing experience much more social, joyous and personalized than ever before.

BEE TV app permits you the following attributes:

-One can view what all your friends are watching right now including your social networking friends on Facebook and twitter.

- It will help you discover new HD-TV shows and movies and also let your friends and others know about it.

- Find the people who are fans of your favorite shows and movies and ultimately make new friends.

- Of-course, you will also be able to rate, comment and report on TV shows, soap opera, serials and movies.

- See what are the most trending shows and also understand what the public reviews about them are.

Bee.tv is a Milan-based company; it provides programming recommendations technology for social TV, Web and mobile. And the latest with it is that it has announced the accessibility of a free iPad application in the Apple iTunes Application Store.

According to the company, the new application will enable the users to receive individualized recommendations for content ranging from real-time broadcast programming to online and mobile TV shows and movies.

This will give content testimonies using a proprietary technology that according to the company will examine and match individual tastes, likings and preferences.

According to bee.tv, users of the new iPhone application will facilitate you in the following ways:

• You will be able to receive individualized information and suggestions for broadcast TV and online and mobile TV programming;

• You can also unwrap new TV shows and movies and can watch on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, as well as on TV and the Web;

• You will be able to discover TV shows and movies from Apple iTunes and other storefronts;

• Also this will allow you to view customized TV listings;

• You can also request shows similar to the ones you like;

• With this you will be able to create your own watch lists;

• This social mobile TV app will also help you to request TV reminders with "smart alerts";

• Undoubtedly you will be able to grade, remark on and share recommendations with friends.

… Be a Honey-Bee now with Bee TV app for iPhone, and never watch the TV alone, while you are alone!

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