Why & How Google Android Updates Name After Desserts & Sweets?

Well, Google's OS Android is creating waves and is seems to get set to give a stiff competition to Apple's iOS,

Google Android Names on Desserts and Sweets why?

Android Basics

I was thinking on an interesting equation, that is why the Google's Android System or updates are named / (coining of the names) / (nomenclature being done) after desserts, sweets, chocolates, pastries, biscuits etc, Huh! Is Google hungry of Honey Comb, Gingerbread or an Ice cream : )

Perhaps the naming over sweets or desserts signals a sense of humor or may be a sweet feeling to remember a thing, that may be the reason, any guesses?!

Why & How Google Android Updates Name After Desserts & Sweets?
Why & How Google Android Updates Name After Desserts & Sweets?
They are in strict Alphabetical Sequence why?

Now consider this strange fact, that Google Android updates are not only named on desserts names but also follows English language alphabetical timeline order too:

Ice Cream Sandwich
Jelly Bean
Kit Kat

Could you notice alphabetical sequence: C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K etc in above example? What is the mystery or how Google names its Android things? Perhaps CNN could decode the secret or a mystery?!

Android Real Statues and Nomenclature

Also not only the Android nomenclature is based on sugary names but their statues too is being created by Google Android mobile operating system team, which are sitting in the sprawling lawns of Googleplex, Mountain View California!

Google do not want to make public the secret or notion behind its Android update nomenclature procedure, they just loves this, like you love an Ice cream in your hand and just anybody follows the English language rules to get in line!

Apple names its OS on Cats

And yes co-coincidently the Apple loves wild Cats to code-name its operating systems, Cheetah, Jaguar, Puma, Tiger,

FYI: Want to know how Apple Inc. was named?

FYI: Intel too names its CPUs over river names!

Do you still believe in Shakespeare that what is in a name, that which we call a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet!!!



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Anonymous said...

Well it's clear that google knows what we all search for know with that knowledge imagine this google uses the most popular deserts that we all like and make our mouth water the name of their updates so that they sell more...

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