Why Apple Inc. Logo is Peeled or Bitten?

Who is the 'lucky' guy to take a 'Byte' into Steve Job's Apple ; )

Ever thought who ate the 'forbidden; Apple? Apple Inc. the popular tech company who invents iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod Touches!

Was he Adam or Eve or was he Issac Newton: perhaps Newton was hungry and peeled that 'forbidden' apple after discovering the theory of Gravity? or was he any medical Doctor to make the popular saying, 'an apple a day keeps a doctor away'??

Interesting quest to search for the man (or may be a lovely woman) who did dare to peel the Apple Inc. logo, The Apple!

Perhaps Apple's slogan or an advertisement campaign in late 70's: Byte into an Apple, perfectly describes the peeling of the Apple's logo,

Why Apple Inc. (a name for perfection & innovation) is named after an Apple?

Interestingly Apple's popular product the Mac or McIntosh also means a type of an Apple which is delicious and red / green!

There is a 'story' which says that Apple is one of the favorite fruits of founder Steve Jobs, and as Steve got late in filing the name of his company than he 'threatened' other colleagues of his company that he will pronounce the company as APPLE COMPUTER if no other better name was suggested by than deadline, and thus Apple Inc. was came into an existence,

A Visual journey or evolution and History of Apple's Peeled Logo

Watch here, the saga starts with Isaac Newton, a rainbow apple and such,

That is why they say that Apple thinks differently, so do not be evil if Apple Inc. logo is just peeled, this is perhaps intentionally done just to create an innovative difference in the world of fruits, humans and all the technology!

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