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How to make Free video calls over VOIP Apps over iPad 2 ?

If you are really addicted to Steve Job's / Apple's latest wonder creation Apple iPad 2 (slim-trim tablet PC) than this is no wonder, iPad 2 is really slim and smart enough to lure any tech geek : ) and may be a dream for the guys struggling hard in many third world nations,

Apple iPad 2 holds dual camera and the Facetime native free video calling facility over WIFI, but Facetime only works in-between iOS devices i.e. in-between any iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod Touch generation 4 or a Mac!

Well to overcome this, we present you a few VOIP apps which works cross-platform video call conferencing like latest updated Yahoo messenger and a few VOIP apps which works in-between their same apps:


Fring is my favorite mobile VOIP app which allows even group mobile video calling for free in a group of up to 4 members, this app also enables mobile DVQ video calls, which are free over 3G or WIFI but in-between Fring to Fring!

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger's latest update enables any iPad 2 to hoast a free chat, sms, video call conferencing locally or globally in real time, and you are permitted to make a cross-platform video calling too unlike other available many free call apps, over latest Yahoo VOIP messenger!


This VOIP app provides for limitless digital calling and these VOIP calls are absolutely free when the FreePhoo is downloaded at both end iPad 2 devices, the VOIP app uses WIFI or 3G to complete the call anywhere from anywhere in the world, this simply turns your Apple iPad into a mobile phone,

Scydo is an another VOIP free voice chat calling app which can be used on an iOS Apple device or on any Android based mobile device, and all on-net calls are free over 3G or WIFI,

Last but never least but may be the most important of all VOIP apps is Skype video calling app, the King of VOIP Skype is now grabbed by Microsoft so you may say it as MS Microsoft VOIP app, Skype IP allows you to make free calls in-between Skype to Skype anywhere anytime from anywhere any time, the Wide band audio (Silk codec) calling quality is unmatched and unprecedented.

More Free VOIP Calling Apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch


phoebewilliams said...

I am having a hard time using fring on my android tablet. Cool post anyway. Do you also have information about how can people find out who is calling them or something like reverse phone finder. Perhaps you may want to write one about it. Thank you, I am your avid fan ;)

Lisa_Dunn said...

I am fond of making calls from my iPad and chat with my sister. Freephoo seems to be an exciting thing as the service is unlimited. Does any! know where to download this apps from?

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