Skype (VOIP) trying deal with Facebook / Google / Microsoft

What I had already predicted months back is now seems to be going a reality : )


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Who will Skype? Google, Facebook or Microsoft?

Robert Dutt, of PC World, offers this interesting perspective on rumors about a Google-Skype deal, in which he examines both options that Skype has on the table: a deal with Google and a deal with Facebook, as reported by this Reuters article.

Dutt seems to believe that a deal with Google could be much better for both Skype and Google in the long run. Sure, Facebook has a built in user base of 500 million plus, but the potential for Skype to have more of a functional presence and greater application outside of a single social network is greater if they partner with Google. Dutt points out that such a partnership could greatly compete with Microsoft's current offering, Lync.

Dutt concludes, that the a good reason for Skype to go ahead with Google could be for its own business reasons? We know that the Skype and Facebook have massive user communities ...

Those who are already impressed with Google's suite of office tools, such as its word processor and excel sheet, not to mention its already satisfactory communication tools, should be happy to hear of a possible partnership.

The possibility of a Skype application with Google's insight could create a significant step in the right direction for video communication that allows users to multi-task in a variety of ways.

An application like this could definitely challenge Microsoft's Lync within the business world; however, it might be a bit more difficult for Google and Skype to break up the monopoly on business computers that Microsoft has held for so long. If they hope to do so, then they'll need to create a much better application.

Microsoft May acquire the Skype VOIP too?!

GigaOm has some reasons that why Microsoft can acquire or invest in Skype the world's biggest VOIP telephony.

The mergers, acquisitions, investments etc. are the only future this seems, and Big fish always swallow the smaller ones, it is the name of the game and the rule of this mighty 'Nature' too.

UPDATE: Skype VOIP 'Morphed' into Microsoft finally

Microsoft finally agreed to buy Skype for whopping $8.5 billion and this finalizes one of the biggest software deals in the last current four decades.


Recently the biggest VOIP company the Skype on the Earth acquired a mobile video calling solution and now the Skype is itself being grabbed by the giant Microsoft and this would be the second acquisition of Estonia's peer-to-peer or P2P, Skype VOIP as it was previously an Ebay company before the current Microsoft deal and was later sold by E-Bay!

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