Why Apple Inc. Logo is Peeled or Bitten?

Who is the 'lucky' guy to take a 'Byte' into Steve Job's Apple ; )

Ever thought who ate the 'forbidden; Apple? Apple Inc. the popular tech company who invents iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod Touches!

Was he Adam or Eve or was he Issac Newton: perhaps Newton was hungry and peeled that 'forbidden' apple after discovering the theory of Gravity? or was he any medical Doctor to make the popular saying, 'an apple a day keeps a doctor away'??

Interesting quest to search for the man (or may be a lovely woman) who did dare to peel the Apple Inc. logo, The Apple!

Perhaps Apple's slogan or an advertisement campaign in late 70's: Byte into an Apple, perfectly describes the peeling of the Apple's logo,

Why Apple Inc. (a name for perfection & innovation) is named after an Apple?

Interestingly Apple's popular product the Mac or McIntosh also means a type of an Apple which is delicious and red / green!

There is a 'story' which says that Apple is one of the favorite fruits of founder Steve Jobs, and as Steve got late in filing the name of his company than he 'threatened' other colleagues of his company that he will pronounce the company as APPLE COMPUTER if no other better name was suggested by than deadline, and thus Apple Inc. was came into an existence,

A Visual journey or evolution and History of Apple's Peeled Logo

Watch here, the saga starts with Isaac Newton, a rainbow apple and such,

That is why they say that Apple thinks differently, so do not be evil if Apple Inc. logo is just peeled, this is perhaps intentionally done just to create an innovative difference in the world of fruits, humans and all the technology!

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What does Skype (VOIP) means?

Live Stream TV Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Works on 3G & WIFI

Live TV on Mobile (Mobile TV): Live Stream TV Apps for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Works on 3G & WIFI

There are lots and lots of apps (be its a news channel, sports, kids or entertainment) now in Apple iTunes store which makes sense to get a download to watch real time, live streaming TV on iPhone mobile, iPad, iPod Touch etc on the go,

View Al-Jazeera in English on iOS

Al-Jazeera TV app for Apple gadgets can be downloaded for free to watch live TV on iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch or iPhone on the go,

France 24 hour Live Free TV

Watch free live wireless France TV on little screen of iPhone, iPod or large screen of iPad on the move, this app is free to be downloaded,

World View Live TV App
Worldview live TV news app for iOs gadgets can be downloaded for USD 2.99 from Apple iTunes which shows elegant web cams, pictures, streets view from worldwide, this has the retina dispaly support for better viewing

Live Streaming NHK TV app: Japan (English) Live on mobile

NHK app provides for free Japan live TV in English by Japan Broadcasting Corporation,

There are many and numerous Apps which support all type of genre live TV watching on mobile gadgets (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc.) they range from fashion, news, sports, children, entertainment and are free and paid both,

Here is a good list of TV apps, and many are listed on our VOIP blog too, you can always make a search on this blog to find most relevant app for watching TV on mobile (cell phone).

VOIP Apps for iPad 2 Video Calls on Go

How to make Free video calls over VOIP Apps over iPad 2 ?

If you are really addicted to Steve Job's / Apple's latest wonder creation Apple iPad 2 (slim-trim tablet PC) than this is no wonder, iPad 2 is really slim and smart enough to lure any tech geek : ) and may be a dream for the guys struggling hard in many third world nations,

Apple iPad 2 holds dual camera and the Facetime native free video calling facility over WIFI, but Facetime only works in-between iOS devices i.e. in-between any iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod Touch generation 4 or a Mac!

Well to overcome this, we present you a few VOIP apps which works cross-platform video call conferencing like latest updated Yahoo messenger and a few VOIP apps which works in-between their same apps:


Fring is my favorite mobile VOIP app which allows even group mobile video calling for free in a group of up to 4 members, this app also enables mobile DVQ video calls, which are free over 3G or WIFI but in-between Fring to Fring!

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger's latest update enables any iPad 2 to hoast a free chat, sms, video call conferencing locally or globally in real time, and you are permitted to make a cross-platform video calling too unlike other available many free call apps, over latest Yahoo VOIP messenger!


This VOIP app provides for limitless digital calling and these VOIP calls are absolutely free when the FreePhoo is downloaded at both end iPad 2 devices, the VOIP app uses WIFI or 3G to complete the call anywhere from anywhere in the world, this simply turns your Apple iPad into a mobile phone,

Scydo is an another VOIP free voice chat calling app which can be used on an iOS Apple device or on any Android based mobile device, and all on-net calls are free over 3G or WIFI,

Last but never least but may be the most important of all VOIP apps is Skype video calling app, the King of VOIP Skype is now grabbed by Microsoft so you may say it as MS Microsoft VOIP app, Skype IP allows you to make free calls in-between Skype to Skype anywhere anytime from anywhere any time, the Wide band audio (Silk codec) calling quality is unmatched and unprecedented.

More Free VOIP Calling Apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Why & How Google Android Updates Name After Desserts & Sweets?

Well, Google's OS Android is creating waves and is seems to get set to give a stiff competition to Apple's iOS,

Google Android Names on Desserts and Sweets why?

Android Basics

I was thinking on an interesting equation, that is why the Google's Android System or updates are named / (coining of the names) / (nomenclature being done) after desserts, sweets, chocolates, pastries, biscuits etc, Huh! Is Google hungry of Honey Comb, Gingerbread or an Ice cream : )

Perhaps the naming over sweets or desserts signals a sense of humor or may be a sweet feeling to remember a thing, that may be the reason, any guesses?!

Why & How Google Android Updates Name After Desserts & Sweets?
Why & How Google Android Updates Name After Desserts & Sweets?
They are in strict Alphabetical Sequence why?

Now consider this strange fact, that Google Android updates are not only named on desserts names but also follows English language alphabetical timeline order too:

Ice Cream Sandwich
Jelly Bean
Kit Kat

Could you notice alphabetical sequence: C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K etc in above example? What is the mystery or how Google names its Android things? Perhaps CNN could decode the secret or a mystery?!

Android Real Statues and Nomenclature

Also not only the Android nomenclature is based on sugary names but their statues too is being created by Google Android mobile operating system team, which are sitting in the sprawling lawns of Googleplex, Mountain View California!

Google do not want to make public the secret or notion behind its Android update nomenclature procedure, they just loves this, like you love an Ice cream in your hand and just anybody follows the English language rules to get in line!

Apple names its OS on Cats

And yes co-coincidently the Apple loves wild Cats to code-name its operating systems, Cheetah, Jaguar, Puma, Tiger,

FYI: Want to know how Apple Inc. was named?

FYI: Intel too names its CPUs over river names!

Do you still believe in Shakespeare that what is in a name, that which we call a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet!!!



Skype (VOIP) trying deal with Facebook / Google / Microsoft

What I had already predicted months back is now seems to be going a reality : )


This is a guest post which is contributed by Lauren Bailey, She writes regularly for the best online college (http://www.bestcollegesonline.com). Lauren loves your comments, she can be reached: blauren99 @gmail.com

Who will Skype? Google, Facebook or Microsoft?

Robert Dutt, of PC World, offers this interesting perspective on rumors about a Google-Skype deal, in which he examines both options that Skype has on the table: a deal with Google and a deal with Facebook, as reported by this Reuters article.

Dutt seems to believe that a deal with Google could be much better for both Skype and Google in the long run. Sure, Facebook has a built in user base of 500 million plus, but the potential for Skype to have more of a functional presence and greater application outside of a single social network is greater if they partner with Google. Dutt points out that such a partnership could greatly compete with Microsoft's current offering, Lync.

Dutt concludes, that the a good reason for Skype to go ahead with Google could be for its own business reasons? We know that the Skype and Facebook have massive user communities ...

Those who are already impressed with Google's suite of office tools, such as its word processor and excel sheet, not to mention its already satisfactory communication tools, should be happy to hear of a possible partnership.

The possibility of a Skype application with Google's insight could create a significant step in the right direction for video communication that allows users to multi-task in a variety of ways.

An application like this could definitely challenge Microsoft's Lync within the business world; however, it might be a bit more difficult for Google and Skype to break up the monopoly on business computers that Microsoft has held for so long. If they hope to do so, then they'll need to create a much better application.

Microsoft May acquire the Skype VOIP too?!

GigaOm has some reasons that why Microsoft can acquire or invest in Skype the world's biggest VOIP telephony.

The mergers, acquisitions, investments etc. are the only future this seems, and Big fish always swallow the smaller ones, it is the name of the game and the rule of this mighty 'Nature' too.

UPDATE: Skype VOIP 'Morphed' into Microsoft finally

Microsoft finally agreed to buy Skype for whopping $8.5 billion and this finalizes one of the biggest software deals in the last current four decades.


Recently the biggest VOIP company the Skype on the Earth acquired QIK.com a mobile video calling solution and now the Skype is itself being grabbed by the giant Microsoft and this would be the second acquisition of Estonia's peer-to-peer or P2P, Skype VOIP as it was previously an Ebay company before the current Microsoft deal and was later sold by E-Bay!

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