Why India, UAE are Discomfort Zones for RIM-Blackberry?

Do India, UAE are Zone of Discomfort for RIM-Blackberry?

The tussle between Canada's RIM (Research in Motion) Blackberry smart mobiles and many governments is not new, like India, Middle East, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc are amongst the 'troubled' nations who periodically threatens RIM to shut down their services of there respective territories or to give access / encryption key of RIM's secure access servers or even place them in India etc.

Where lies the roots of this smart mobile tussle?

RIM is at loggerheads with the very issue, they are reportedly of the opinion that they can never disclose the encryption secret to any Government, this could pose a threat to their own existence but the countries are adamant on the sake of the national security etc,

India's Stand

The joke or the mockery is that the issue is going now for last several months or may be years with India, neither India stops nor allows RIM to go ahead smoothly just issues ultimatums and fruitless warnings with extensions on each one or two months, which perhaps RIM not taking seriously and is doing its business with as they want,

RIM's Stand

RIM says this is unjust as they are not the only company many are there like SKYPE VOIP etc, but nation is watching the so called tussle as they perhaps know the results that at the end nothing will happen?!


RIM is in the preparation and is all set to launch its Playbook smart tablet PC and reportedly in an interview with BBC the RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis 'fumed' on a question relating to their India presence and business and even abruptly ended the interview, he was so much upset on the India question : ( FYI: RIM has a big market in India with more than one million Blackberry business users and subscribers how could they afford to leave the India which is growing in mobile phone penetration and wireless networking?

Is RIM-Blackberry really a Broken Brand?

... India knows or not but Blackberry RIM absolutely knows that they are NOT the so called 'broken-brand'!

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