Why Apple Fumes Over Google, Android, Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Why Apple is Angry Over Google, Android, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc.?

Did you ever have noticed that why the Apple Inc. 'generateD' 'differences' with many big brands like Google, the Nokia, Motorola, Adobe {Flash}, HTC, RIM Blackberry, and now Samsung over Galaxy Tab?

Well, it seems that Apple spat becomes bit personal like in the past with Google (over Android smart mobiles) and now they have sued Samsung over their series of Galaxy Tabs,

Its Apple iPhone Versus Google Android Mobiles

NYT says that for the Apple, Android phones like Motorola Droid are nothing but the iPhone clones, this is really a serious allegation and can trouble any company, and Google says that some prototypes predate the iPhone ...

Why Apple Versus Samsung Over Galaxy Tab? Is it Apple iPad Versus Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Apple had sued Korea's Samsung over its popular Galaxy series of handy tablet PCs (which is performing well internationally due to pricing and similarity with iPad), Apple is of the view that Samsung Tablets infringes its patent of tablets PCs (iPad),

Samsung Galaxy Tab runs over Google Android software (Android Mobiles are ONE OF THE earlier cause of concern with Apple) and now Apple see Galaxy S is similar to Apple iPad in looks and feel : )

Google's Android v/s iOS v/s Blackberry

We know that Google's mobile operating system Android based mobiles are gaining popularity now-a-days over Apple iOS iPhone or RIM Blackberry smart mobiles etc., may be this is one of the reason that is making a worried Apple?

Technology took a U-turn where there is a loss of energy and fresh ideas!

Nobody can not predict what will happen in this 'war' of giants (intellectual property right, copyright, patent etc.) and who wins or who is the culprit, if any?! But the trend for the mobile & wireless technology is taking a legal route, where there seems to be no end to the long and dark tunnel.


[email protected] etf trend trading review said...

Hi, cool post. So is really Apple the only one driving technology and innovation today? Lets give more credit to the others, but in this case Apple has a point against Samsung. The phones look very similar.

kartikshradha said...

@Bill Thanks, but do only the similarity in looks, makes it culprit?

May be Apple have some solid reasons which Samsung would reply, but if this is all about the 'brand monopoly' 'game' than need to be checked?!

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