VoIP Phone to Lead Telecommunication Industry in Coming Years

VoIP phone or the internet phone has been around for more than a decade. The initial years of this industry were really dark and gloomy as the technology had been lurking behind telephone because of the numerous limitations it had.

With the passage of time, research, development and other improvements significantly impacted the way this technology could mature as a viable solution for the telephone users. The biggest hurdle was that of internet speed and availability.

At beginning, internet was available in only few parts of the world and its speed was very low. However, internet connection providers have graduated to better technologies like DSL and now VoIP phone (http://www.axvoice.com) can be easily run anywhere.

Here are the main contributing factors, which make VoIP a way better technology than telephone and these are the reasons why VoIP industry will tremendously grow in the near future.

A better service

Service wise, telephone has never been the best option in spite of the fact that it ruled the telecommunication industry for so long. VoIP has always been seen as the predecessor and a better option to telephone.

VoIP has now changed altogether. The technological difference of internet and copper wires has widened the service quality differences by far.

Telephone’s reliability cannot be compared to that of the modern phone. VoIP has not only improved the voice quality by far but it has also furthered the reliability, which is a must-to-have for phone users.

This is not all; service features are also important for any phone service. Telephone services offer only limited features to their subscribers, which also limit their capability in terms of the number of offerings to their customers.

Internet phone users are however offered dozens of features that they can help them get a lot more out of their service. Many premium VoIP providers like Axvoice (http://voip.about.com/od/servicesandsolutions/fr/Axvoice-Voip-Service-Provider-Review.htm) offer advanced features, which enhance the use of the phone for the phone users and also get them more value for their investment into a service.

Call plans

Telephone services don’t have too many plans to offer to their customers. They always try to make packages but mostly these plans look smart in papers only. In practical, you would come to know that telephone service providers seriously lack depth in their offerings to their customers.

Growth of the VoIP industry and consumer response

During the last five years, VoIP industry has grown in epic proportions. Many more VoIP industry players have entered in the market and a lot of new service providers are coming out each day. Some of these VoIP service providers offer their services to the home phone users while others are targeting the businesses.

Consumer response has also been very impressive as they know, they can have a better alternate to their traditional phone service, save more money, enjoy more features and lastly have a lot of call plans to choose from.


VoIP industry is growing at an excellent pace and as the internet services become better worldwide, telephone will be eventually replaced by the internet phone in the coming years globally.


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