Voice Analyzer For Google Voice Users

Q. How can we analyze or check our voice with Google Voice before making any phone calls?

Ans. Yes, by using / activating the Voice-A(na)lyzer settings for the Google Voice users we can check our voice, spoken words before making a phone call, Google Voice the Google's telephony has introduced the VOICE-ALYZER for its users,

What is Google Voice Voice-Alyzer?

This Google Voice setting prevents you from making 'bad' voice and thus taking complete control on your words, you can hear and check your voice quality / words before speaking them out, so by enabling the 'voice alayzer' in Google Voice settings you are sure that your voice would be good when you speak somebody on the phone call. You can choose the time stamp or time setting to initiate this voice analysis feature, the IVR prompt would be there to help you out with the correct spoken words and pronunciation,

Voice analyzer can determine your state of mind thus your voice quality and will prevent the making of call if you are NOT fit to to having a voice conversation,

The GV Voice Analyzer also helps you to send the correct SMS / text message, as they too are being scanned for the accuracy too.

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