Internet Answering Machine-Receive Phone Calls While Surfing the Net

Virtual Phone Line / Internet Answering Machine

Are you interested in having a second phone line or a virtual phone line while working over the dial-up internet to receive phone calls or having an answering machine to help you to manage the phone calls than the CALLWAVE could help you a lot, this is a web conferencing software for the business or for the individuals,

Second Phone Line

While working on a dial up internet when you have a phone call, the caller will receive a busy tone and hence no call will be completed thus you should use a virtual phone line or a second phone line to overcome this situation and than your incoming phone calls will never be missed while doing the work over the 'net!

Internet Answering Machine

Callwave is an Internet answering machine which runs in the background while surfing the internet and when anybody tries to make a phone call to you, this answering machine creates a phone ring sound via your PC, a dialog box surfaces and displays the caller ID etc with caller's name and also the phone number,

... at the other end the phone caller hears the standard phone ring and NOT the busy signal, than the caller is given the option to leave their phone number, message etc like with any standard answering machine and Callwave than immediately streams that recorded voice message on your PC and which sounds with the help of your PC's speakers,

You can than immediately return that phone call or may be complete your internet session and than only can return that phone call, choice is yours,

Answering a Phone Call, How to?!

While listening to the answering machine voice message if you wish than you can also abrupt it and can hit the TALK button and can immediately connect to that phone call which has been recorded with no delay,

Caller ID is free?

Interestingly you never have to pay your local telco for the caller ID facility with this virtual answering machine,

How to Get a Toll Free 800 Number

This virtual second line phone or Internet answering machine also offers a toll free 800 number so this is an alternative numbers for yours and hey can always reach when your phone line is just busy!

Try for Free

You can try this for a cool 30 days period than thereafter this virtual second line will cost you $7.95 a month.

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