Viber VOIP Free Calls in UAE are Blocked?!

We are in a state of shock and said to say that 'it seems' (near certain) now that Viber VOIP Free Calls too are being blocked in / From UAE (Gulf) now, like Skype or many other VOIPs,

Telephoon VOIP Blog is a popular one in the UAE / Gulf region and many of our esteemed UAE readers continuously are updating us for this situation and the Great Viber team is instantly responding their queries, and in a recent query about Etisalat and Du, the Viber team officially replied the UAE reader that,

"It seems like the UAE blocked Viber, and there is not much we can do unfortunately, We apologize, but it is up to the UAE to decide what to do with it"


Viber is an Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch app (very popular) which was providing the free phone calls /free SMS even from VOIP blocked nations like UAE etc but it seems now that the DU / Etisalat / UAE blocked VIBER VOIP app from there, this is all due to the lucrative revenues losses as we know that VOIP calling route are much cheaper than traditional PSTN telephony to an ordinary consumer! But do really the consumer is the King is a million Dollar question?

Do not loose hearts, just try another VOIP app from Dubai / UAE / Gulf over iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to make VOIP calls this is PointsPhone Mobile VOIP App (over 3G, WIFI, GPRS, EDGE) which promises, an in-built tunnel for passing through VOIP blockades, including Dubai (UAE) {until this too is being blocked in UAE}!

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