Make Free / Cheap Calls From US to Korea

How to make the Free and / or Cheap International Phone Calls from US To South Korea?

Well, Voice2Korea is the name of the phone calls provider to South Korea who claims to provide for cheap phone calls to South Korea from the USA over cell phones and no broadband, internet phone, WIFI, 3G or any app is needed, just a simple cell phone with SMS capability is good,

Also the trial call from US to Korea for full fifteen minutes is free and for NO obligation, the good is that this calling from US works over AT&T and T-Mobile carriers in USA so where there is a network of AT&T or T-Mobile in USA you can make a low cost phone calls to yours living in Korea,

Nothing to buy like a cheap calling card, cost saving VOIP plan or such things, simply send a short code SMS with your cell phone (over AT&T or T-Mobile) to 567567 ("korkor") and you will get subscribed to a local access number to make cheap international calls to South Korea from America,

This is a PAYG (pay as you go) service and you will be charged for the time for which you talked actually, no monthly payments have to be done and nothing recurring here, as they say, could be a good deal for Korean-American mobile phone users living in the America, or travelling to the USA,

Adding & Sharing cheap calls with Friends and Family:

One of the great feature for this cheap cell phone calling provider is that you also can add / share the purchased Voice2Korea minutes with your family and friends just by sending a TEXT "ADD" followed by a space and the ten digit phone number you may wish to add, you can add upto 10 such phone numbers,

Fine Print:

Though there is no expiry of the purchased minutes, but if remaining, than they hold valid for the next use only for 180 days from your last phone call, and there is no short or long term contracts or recurring subscription charges etc, thus holds nice for the occasional phone callers to Korea from the US, and also for Korean house wives and others who do not need any hassles of broadband / VOIP calling,

Start making free 15 minutes trial call to Korea from USA as explained here by texting 'Trial' to the # 567567 (Voice2Korea)!

Bye the way did you heard of Skype Out (Skype on the Go) Calls from mobile phone to anywhere?


free calls said...

Free Sip to Sip Calls with USA Phone numbers.

What Do I Need To Start?

* A broadband Internet connection.
* Free 02nos of Callcentric user accounts.
* Free 02nos of IPKall US phone numbers.
* A softphone such as X-lite free Softphone; or bring your own Telephone Adapter or IP Phone to make this more effective(You don't have to keep switch on computer).

how to make free call said...

great . now i can call my gf everyday and always :D

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