Qik's Video Connect Will Try to Give FaceTime a Run for Its Money

Remember last fall when video chat company Qik (now acquired by Skype the VOIP King) announced that it would support Apple FaceTime video calls "as soon as apple published the relevant APIs", which would essentially allow Android phones to video chat with Apple phones? And then Qik clarified its position to simply say they are interested in such compatibility as long as Apple is too?

Yeah, me neither.

Well, months went by and nothing followed that little announcement.

Instead of seeking that compatibility, Qik has actually looked to replace that feature on Apple's own devices! Last month they announced a new application for the iPhone and the iPad 2, which they're calling Video Connect.

According to Tim Conneally at betanews.com, Video Connect is both a standard video chat program and also a "portable video communications suite that includes fly editing, live streaming video effects, video mail, as well as instant social sharing and automatic desktop synchronization."

No word yet as to whether or not Qik has built in cross-platform video chat between phone using Video Connect and phones using Qik. But certainly the potential is there for this third-party developer to break down this barrier and strike it big, especially since the company has been in talks for quite some time about getting Qik preloaded onto about 75million devices in the coming years.

Of course, this cross-system video chatting is not a ten thing. Remember Fring, that third party video chat app that allows users of Droid, iOS, and other systems to video chat? Well, CNET declared Fring a non-competitor to Apple's FaceTime last summer, so the odds do not bode well for Qik's Video Connect feature to replace the preloaded FaceTime app.

However, we have yet to see as to whether or not the new Video Connect capabilities and add-ons make it a worthy opponent to the FaceTime.


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