Make a Video Call; Video Mail on the Go, in-between iPhones, iPad & Android Phones

Make a Qik Video Call, Video Mail on the go, in-between iPhones, iPad & Android Phones

A few things are getting popular in the geeks' world and they are, mobile phones, video calling on the go, Apple's iPhone and Google's Android based phones and devices (and in a recent survey it has been revealed that Android is getting ahead now of Apple's cult, the iPhone),

Qik is a mobile video calling solution or software, which is now acquired by the VOIP giant Skype, they have a nice software to make an easy video calls on the go,

Live, Real Time, Streaming, Face-to-Face Video Chat Android to iPhone, iPad and Vice Versa

Now Skype's Qik VIDEO CONNECT APP call solution has made this possible to make a cross-platform mobile video call from anywhere to anywhere, yeah it is possible now to make a cell phone video call from iPhone to Android phone and vice versa, though Android to Android video call and iPhone to iPhone video calls always can be dialed anytime,


Skype to Skype video calls any where in the world is free over 3G, 4G or WIFI on any platform and from any mobile or device(s),

Qik Video Connect Mobile app gives more: VIDEO MAIL

The Skype's Qik video connect app is something more than that of video call on the go or cross-platform video calling in-between Apple iPhone, iPod and Android phones, now this enables the VIDEO MAIL: if you are unable to connect in real time or live at the moment for any of the reasons than use QIK's video mail, and say a hello (hola) or show yourself in-person,

Video mail is now available for a FREE TRIAL till June 1, 2011, so grab it now,

Share Videos on Facebook, Social networks

With Qik video connect app you are at the liberty to connect with your friends worldwide on your Facebook or Twitter, your blog or YouTube etc.,


* Qik do not eat battery life and has smoother video quality,

* If interested in making a VGA qulaity resolution video chat on the go, over WIFI than use Samsung Glaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Player, Telus Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G etc.

Group Mobile Video Call (4 Way) {cross-platform} for Free with Fring on iPhone and Android

Make a group video calling with Fring DVQ technology on the go with upto 3 friends (total 4 guys) currently available over and in-between Apple iPhone and Android phones on 3G, 4G, WIFI networks.

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Becky said...

I was surprised to see video mail was just a trial on Qik. There is a free maiLVU app for iPhones that allows video mail, and it isn't a trial.

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