Make 3G-VoIP calls using Skype for Android in US

How to make 3G calls using Skype (VOIP) for Android in or from USA?

Skype has the world's largest number of VOIP call subscribers and big chunk of them uses SKYPE VOIP to make free audio / video global calls,


Skype to Skype (which are P2P) calls are always free from anywhere to anywhere, anytime any day, they could be audio or video calls,

Skype for Android USA is 3G enabled:

Now if you are in the USA and have an Android mobile device which has Skype VOIP app than you can make Skype calls over 3G USA networks, which is enabled now,

You can download the Skype for Android or scan the QR code, start making free Skype to Skype worldwide audio / video call conferencing, IMs etc.

Use Skype for Android over 3G or WIFI and enjoy the life with mobile broadband calling which is known as mobile VOIP or mVOIP.

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