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Technology is changing all the time. It was not too long ago that dial up connections were the only way to get online. Web pages were almost entirely text based and you listened to music on disc or tape. Now things have changed drastically – Broadband speeds in some locations are available at over 10 MB/s, in fact some countries are completely wired and Internet service is just another utility like heat, water and electricity! Web pages are definitely not just text based anymore, with Flash logo’s and video and both the Walkman and Disc man are definitely dead ... we live in a digital world now and things are only going to continue to get faster and smaller and better as we go on.

Some of the more recent Internet related gadgets and accessories that have been taking the world by storm are E-readers and dongles ( Added to that are some old favorites that have now become web enabled also – things like Printers, GPS/Sat Nav units and the good old Mobile Phone.

Mobile Phone

The Mobile Phone has in some ways become a device that can do almost anything as the newer models not only allow Internet Access and Web Browsing with the newer 3G networks, but they also function as a mobile entertainment device with a built in MP3 player (, Video Player and Camera. If you only have the space for one device, then this is the route that you really want to go. However it must be said that the old saying – “jack of all trades, master of none” – does somewhat hold true here which is rather unfortunate (perhaps with one exception).

Apple iPhone – if there is an exception to the rule, it is probably the iPhone, specifically with respect to the way in which the phone also functions as a music player as this is an area that Apple has definitely mastered. The iPhone4 is an exceptional device, slim, sexy and with a bundle of applications that would make a grown man drool it does pretty much everything that you could ask for and does it well.

HTC Desire & the the Blackberry Torch – direct competitors to the iPhone the Desire (running Googles Android operating system) and the Torch (with the Blackberry 6 operating system) are both also excellent devices. If you are not a fan of Apple but still want an outstanding touch screen experience with a fairly large library of applications, then the Desire is the route that you need to be going. For fans of QWERTY keyboards that are still looking for a phone that also provides a full range of touch screen options, the Torch is your device of choice. Both of these devices are available at an extremely competitive price to the iPhone and worth looking at.

Internet Dongles

The one thing that Mobile Phones are still not as good at as a Laptop or Desktop computer is unfortunately browsing the Internet. This is not so much due to the speed of the network but rather because of the size of the screen. A great option for those needing a complete Internet experience is utilizing an Internet dongle – this simple little device plugs into the USB port of your laptop computer and helps you get online. Utilizing the same network as mobile phones, you are able to take your Internet with you where you go.


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