HTC ThunderBolt Android Mobile (4G-LTE) & VOIP Video Calls

Thunderbolt is 4.3" Android mobile by HTC on America's Verizon Wireless and this is said to be the very first Verizon 4G LTE cell phone,

ThunderBolt boasts some nice features like: 8 Mega Pixel camera, LED Flash, the in-camera effects, HD Camcorder (720p), DLNA connectivity to ensure that movies, music, pictures etc. beams up wireless way to the flat screen, a 4G uploads enabled cell phone, 1GHz Snapdragon Processor,

A Beyond Wireless technology cell phone:

With HTC Thunder Bolt one can launch the mobile hotspot and this cell phone than works / converts into a wireless hotspot router which provides private and secure WIFI connectivity / 4G for up to five wireless enabled gadgets,

How to make VOIP Video calls over HTC Thunderbolt (Android: 4G-LTE) Mobile? is a mobile IP solutions from Israel, they provide FRING to FRING unlimited free audio / video calls on mobiles from anywhere to anywhere, anytime in the world over 3G, 4G or WIFI, they support iOS (iPhone etc), Symbian, Android mobile platforms etc, and cheap calling using their FringOut service,

So the guys they who need to make the mobile video calls over HTC's ThunderBolt, here is a solution, just fill THIS form, and get equipped your HTC 4G-LTE cell phone for a video voice chat session with yours,

PS: If you want the invite on your Motorola Atrix or Dell Streak you may contact Fring VOIP guys here,


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