Gmail (Gtalk) Video Call on Android Gingerbread

Google's Gingerbread Android Operating System soon will have a Video Calling system like Apple's Facetime or Fring, over 3G, 4G or WIFI

The latest tech rumor, which seems to come true in the coming times is that Google (Nexus S etc.) is bringing VIDEO CALLING (over WIFI) to its Android OS (Gingerbread) for mobile phones,

Mobile Video Calling

Video calling on the go over cell phones is the latest craze, which is gripping the world by storm, Apple's Facetime free video calling works over WIFI in between Apple iOS devices and works anywhere to anywhere in the world, is another mobile VOIP software which even provides for a Free group mobile video calls on the go over Android and iPhone and also supports the cross-platform multi-network worldwide video calls on the go and Fring to Fring calls are always free over WIFI, 3G or 4G data networks,

QIK which is 'absorbed' by VOIP world leader the Skype is a beautiful video mobile calls provider and its QIK video connect app seamlessly connects Android, iPhone etc into a full fedge stream of real time live video calls over the cell phones,

Now About Google's latest Venture: Mobile Video Calls over Android Devices

Google is foraying into the lucrative mobile video calling market which has a BIG-BIG potential with only a few players in the very field and amongst that few only a few are doing the innovations and in the demand!

Google's Gmail provides for free VOIP phone calls in the US / Canada and thus Google wants to decorate its audio calls and wishes them to get morphed into the video calls like Skype, Apple Facetime, QIK, Fring, and such players,

Apple versus Google may intensify now

This may again 'hot up' the ongoing 'tussle' between Apple and Google as Apple reportedly objects Google plans to enter into the mobile phone market, they are of the view that Motorola Droid Android mobile is a copycat of its proprietary iPhone, and also views that we (Apple) are not landing into the 'SEARCH' arena than why the Google is trying to sneak a peak into cell phone market and is reportedly trying to capture our market,

Android is getting an edge over Apple's iOS

According to a recent US survey now Android smart phones are getting ahead of Apple iPhones etc and this could be a winning of Android OS over iOS! Which naturally troubles Apple,

The quality ONLY will count

When Google will land into the mobile video chat over WIFI arena than Apple's Facetime will also have to face a stiff competition, God knows what will happen than?! but one thing is sure the ultimate winner would be the company having latest and most innovative technology, ease of use, pricing and of-course quality of the video call!

Wait for next Gingerbread Android update to make free Google Video Call over WIFI anywhere from anywhere, may be announced the video chat feature during the Google I/O devcon which is scheduled for May 10-11, 2011 in US, San Francisco!

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