Gmail (Gtalk) Video Call on Android Gingerbread

Google's Gingerbread Android Operating System soon will have a Video Calling system like Apple's Facetime or Fring, over 3G, 4G or WIFI

The latest tech rumor, which seems to come true in the coming times is that Google (Nexus S etc.) is bringing VIDEO CALLING (over WIFI) to its Android OS (Gingerbread) for mobile phones,

Mobile Video Calling

Video calling on the go over cell phones is the latest craze, which is gripping the world by storm, Apple's Facetime free video calling works over WIFI in between Apple iOS devices and works anywhere to anywhere in the world, is another mobile VOIP software which even provides for a Free group mobile video calls on the go over Android and iPhone and also supports the cross-platform multi-network worldwide video calls on the go and Fring to Fring calls are always free over WIFI, 3G or 4G data networks,

QIK which is 'absorbed' by VOIP world leader the Skype is a beautiful video mobile calls provider and its QIK video connect app seamlessly connects Android, iPhone etc into a full fedge stream of real time live video calls over the cell phones,

Now About Google's latest Venture: Mobile Video Calls over Android Devices

Google is foraying into the lucrative mobile video calling market which has a BIG-BIG potential with only a few players in the very field and amongst that few only a few are doing the innovations and in the demand!

Google's Gmail provides for free VOIP phone calls in the US / Canada and thus Google wants to decorate its audio calls and wishes them to get morphed into the video calls like Skype, Apple Facetime, QIK, Fring, and such players,

Apple versus Google may intensify now

This may again 'hot up' the ongoing 'tussle' between Apple and Google as Apple reportedly objects Google plans to enter into the mobile phone market, they are of the view that Motorola Droid Android mobile is a copycat of its proprietary iPhone, and also views that we (Apple) are not landing into the 'SEARCH' arena than why the Google is trying to sneak a peak into cell phone market and is reportedly trying to capture our market,

Android is getting an edge over Apple's iOS

According to a recent US survey now Android smart phones are getting ahead of Apple iPhones etc and this could be a winning of Android OS over iOS! Which naturally troubles Apple,

The quality ONLY will count

When Google will land into the mobile video chat over WIFI arena than Apple's Facetime will also have to face a stiff competition, God knows what will happen than?! but one thing is sure the ultimate winner would be the company having latest and most innovative technology, ease of use, pricing and of-course quality of the video call!

Wait for next Gingerbread Android update to make free Google Video Call over WIFI anywhere from anywhere, may be announced the video chat feature during the Google I/O devcon which is scheduled for May 10-11, 2011 in US, San Francisco!

Make a Video Call; Video Mail on the Go, in-between iPhones, iPad & Android Phones

Make a Qik Video Call, Video Mail on the go, in-between iPhones, iPad & Android Phones

A few things are getting popular in the geeks' world and they are, mobile phones, video calling on the go, Apple's iPhone and Google's Android based phones and devices (and in a recent survey it has been revealed that Android is getting ahead now of Apple's cult, the iPhone),

Qik is a mobile video calling solution or software, which is now acquired by the VOIP giant Skype, they have a nice software to make an easy video calls on the go,

Live, Real Time, Streaming, Face-to-Face Video Chat Android to iPhone, iPad and Vice Versa

Now Skype's Qik VIDEO CONNECT APP call solution has made this possible to make a cross-platform mobile video call from anywhere to anywhere, yeah it is possible now to make a cell phone video call from iPhone to Android phone and vice versa, though Android to Android video call and iPhone to iPhone video calls always can be dialed anytime,


Skype to Skype video calls any where in the world is free over 3G, 4G or WIFI on any platform and from any mobile or device(s),

Qik Video Connect Mobile app gives more: VIDEO MAIL

The Skype's Qik video connect app is something more than that of video call on the go or cross-platform video calling in-between Apple iPhone, iPod and Android phones, now this enables the VIDEO MAIL: if you are unable to connect in real time or live at the moment for any of the reasons than use QIK's video mail, and say a hello (hola) or show yourself in-person,

Video mail is now available for a FREE TRIAL till June 1, 2011, so grab it now,

Share Videos on Facebook, Social networks

With Qik video connect app you are at the liberty to connect with your friends worldwide on your Facebook or Twitter, your blog or YouTube etc.,


* Qik do not eat battery life and has smoother video quality,

* If interested in making a VGA qulaity resolution video chat on the go, over WIFI than use Samsung Glaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Player, Telus Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G etc.

Group Mobile Video Call (4 Way) {cross-platform} for Free with Fring on iPhone and Android

Make a group video calling with Fring DVQ technology on the go with upto 3 friends (total 4 guys) currently available over and in-between Apple iPhone and Android phones on 3G, 4G, WIFI networks.

Internet Essentials - Dongles, MP3, Gadgets and Accessories for our Digital Lives

Technology is changing all the time. It was not too long ago that dial up connections were the only way to get online. Web pages were almost entirely text based and you listened to music on disc or tape. Now things have changed drastically – Broadband speeds in some locations are available at over 10 MB/s, in fact some countries are completely wired and Internet service is just another utility like heat, water and electricity! Web pages are definitely not just text based anymore, with Flash logo’s and video and both the Walkman and Disc man are definitely dead ... we live in a digital world now and things are only going to continue to get faster and smaller and better as we go on.

Some of the more recent Internet related gadgets and accessories that have been taking the world by storm are E-readers and dongles ( Added to that are some old favorites that have now become web enabled also – things like Printers, GPS/Sat Nav units and the good old Mobile Phone.

Mobile Phone

The Mobile Phone has in some ways become a device that can do almost anything as the newer models not only allow Internet Access and Web Browsing with the newer 3G networks, but they also function as a mobile entertainment device with a built in MP3 player (, Video Player and Camera. If you only have the space for one device, then this is the route that you really want to go. However it must be said that the old saying – “jack of all trades, master of none” – does somewhat hold true here which is rather unfortunate (perhaps with one exception).

Apple iPhone – if there is an exception to the rule, it is probably the iPhone, specifically with respect to the way in which the phone also functions as a music player as this is an area that Apple has definitely mastered. The iPhone4 is an exceptional device, slim, sexy and with a bundle of applications that would make a grown man drool it does pretty much everything that you could ask for and does it well.

HTC Desire & the the Blackberry Torch – direct competitors to the iPhone the Desire (running Googles Android operating system) and the Torch (with the Blackberry 6 operating system) are both also excellent devices. If you are not a fan of Apple but still want an outstanding touch screen experience with a fairly large library of applications, then the Desire is the route that you need to be going. For fans of QWERTY keyboards that are still looking for a phone that also provides a full range of touch screen options, the Torch is your device of choice. Both of these devices are available at an extremely competitive price to the iPhone and worth looking at.

Internet Dongles

The one thing that Mobile Phones are still not as good at as a Laptop or Desktop computer is unfortunately browsing the Internet. This is not so much due to the speed of the network but rather because of the size of the screen. A great option for those needing a complete Internet experience is utilizing an Internet dongle – this simple little device plugs into the USB port of your laptop computer and helps you get online. Utilizing the same network as mobile phones, you are able to take your Internet with you where you go.


This guest post was contributed by Hutch Morzaria who writes on behalf of and, the independent comparison sites for broadband, mobile broadband and mobile phones.

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Make 3G-VoIP calls using Skype for Android in US

How to make 3G calls using Skype (VOIP) for Android in or from USA?

Skype has the world's largest number of VOIP call subscribers and big chunk of them uses SKYPE VOIP to make free audio / video global calls,


Skype to Skype (which are P2P) calls are always free from anywhere to anywhere, anytime any day, they could be audio or video calls,

Skype for Android USA is 3G enabled:

Now if you are in the USA and have an Android mobile device which has Skype VOIP app than you can make Skype calls over 3G USA networks, which is enabled now,

You can download the Skype for Android or scan the QR code, start making free Skype to Skype worldwide audio / video call conferencing, IMs etc.

Use Skype for Android over 3G or WIFI and enjoy the life with mobile broadband calling which is known as mobile VOIP or mVOIP.

Talk for Free on FaceBook: T-Mobile International VOIP App: Bobsled

Talk for Free on FaceBook, Send Voice Messages (public or private) and post them on the Walls: T-Mobile VOIP App: Bobsled Facebook Application for US / International Users!

Powered by Vivox (integrated voice platform for the social web), it is T-Mobile app: BOBSLED to make free voice calls to Facebook friends and talk for free,

Click-to-Talk, One Touch, Free Voice Calls communication with FaceBook Pals instantly, live in real-time within from Facebook Chat

T-Mobile's (T-Mobile USA is acquired by AT&T from German company Deutsche Telekom) Facebook free calling app is live to make free voice call to your Facebook friends, just download this app and login to your Facebook account where you will see the Phone icon in Facebook chat list, just click and call to connect on a free call,

VOIP Free Calling over Facebook

This Bobsled Facebook VOIP Voice free call app from T Mobile tries to bridge the traditional telcos and IP world, and is right now available for a free download for all the Facebook users irrespective if they are T-Mobile customers or not,

This VOIP voice calling free app seamlessly integrates to the Facebook social network's chat and very easy to dial for free calling to the friends there, in the coming future T-Mobile Bobsled app will also have the VOIP video calls feature to call the cell phones and landlines in the USA, this app may also offer a cross-platform calling in the coming times which would be on the mobiles and tablet PCs' bypassing / irrespective of the carrier,

Group Text conversation and the Cloud Text* apps on T-Mobile's Sidekick 4G (by Samsung)

Bobsled VOIP free calls app by T Mobile also powers Group Text conversation and the Cloud Text* apps on new T-Mobile Sidekick 4G (Sidekick 4G Android smart call phone can connect you face to face with video chat ability),

* Cloud Text gives you the ability to send SMS to your friends across the various platforms, from PC or the T-Mobile's Sidekick 4G,

The Internet Telephony App is available to Globals as well as US Facebook / T Mobile Users

The Bobsled internet calling app is available for all of the 500 million+ Facebook global users and is NOT just limited to T-Mobile US or US Facebook users,

An Alert : )

Even any Facebook users do not download the app or if you are phone calling shy than even according to T-Mobile this is still possible that you may have to receive a Bobsled VOIP voice free call from any of your Facebook friends while on Facebook chat!

Why Apple Fumes Over Google, Android, Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Why Apple is Angry Over Google, Android, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc.?

Did you ever have noticed that why the Apple Inc. 'generateD' 'differences' with many big brands like Google, the Nokia, Motorola, Adobe {Flash}, HTC, RIM Blackberry, and now Samsung over Galaxy Tab?

Well, it seems that Apple spat becomes bit personal like in the past with Google (over Android smart mobiles) and now they have sued Samsung over their series of Galaxy Tabs,

Its Apple iPhone Versus Google Android Mobiles

NYT says that for the Apple, Android phones like Motorola Droid are nothing but the iPhone clones, this is really a serious allegation and can trouble any company, and Google says that some prototypes predate the iPhone ...

Why Apple Versus Samsung Over Galaxy Tab? Is it Apple iPad Versus Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Apple had sued Korea's Samsung over its popular Galaxy series of handy tablet PCs (which is performing well internationally due to pricing and similarity with iPad), Apple is of the view that Samsung Tablets infringes its patent of tablets PCs (iPad),

Samsung Galaxy Tab runs over Google Android software (Android Mobiles are ONE OF THE earlier cause of concern with Apple) and now Apple see Galaxy S is similar to Apple iPad in looks and feel : )

Google's Android v/s iOS v/s Blackberry

We know that Google's mobile operating system Android based mobiles are gaining popularity now-a-days over Apple iOS iPhone or RIM Blackberry smart mobiles etc., may be this is one of the reason that is making a worried Apple?

Technology took a U-turn where there is a loss of energy and fresh ideas!

Nobody can not predict what will happen in this 'war' of giants (intellectual property right, copyright, patent etc.) and who wins or who is the culprit, if any?! But the trend for the mobile & wireless technology is taking a legal route, where there seems to be no end to the long and dark tunnel.

Cloud Based Online Meetings and Multi Party HD Video Conference iPhone, iPad 2, Blackberry, Android HoneyComb

FuzeMeeting is the latest innovation or software to throw a cloud based online HD multi party video call conferencing virtually from anywhere,

FACE-to-FACE Online Collaboration over Mobile Web on the Go

With Fuzemeeting you can attend or host a HD video web meeting over the Windows, Mac, Apple iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, RIM-Blackberry, Android HoneyComb etc.,

Free Trial for this Tele-Presence

You may host and attend for a free trial for this cloud based mobile HD video call conferencing (webinar / online whiteboard) here,

You know that CISCO spent a good chunk of money to capture the zooming and growing tele-presence and video call conferencing markets like acquisition of the TANDBERG video conferencing solution!

With the Fuze Meeting web conferencing software one may use Apple iPad 2, Android smart mobile or HoneyComb tablet to join the HD video calling,

The best thing is that Fuze meeting serves in the serves in the cloud, hence nothing is needed like servers, IT consultants etc, so seems that Fuze Box is trying to take the CISCO and that is too over the latest craze Apple's iPad 2?


The Pro-webinar package is priced for $69 a month for an unlimited meetings with up to 100 participants. But as said above the trial comes always for FREE.

Internet Answering Machine-Receive Phone Calls While Surfing the Net

Virtual Phone Line / Internet Answering Machine

Are you interested in having a second phone line or a virtual phone line while working over the dial-up internet to receive phone calls or having an answering machine to help you to manage the phone calls than the CALLWAVE could help you a lot, this is a web conferencing software for the business or for the individuals,

Second Phone Line

While working on a dial up internet when you have a phone call, the caller will receive a busy tone and hence no call will be completed thus you should use a virtual phone line or a second phone line to overcome this situation and than your incoming phone calls will never be missed while doing the work over the 'net!

Internet Answering Machine

Callwave is an Internet answering machine which runs in the background while surfing the internet and when anybody tries to make a phone call to you, this answering machine creates a phone ring sound via your PC, a dialog box surfaces and displays the caller ID etc with caller's name and also the phone number,

... at the other end the phone caller hears the standard phone ring and NOT the busy signal, than the caller is given the option to leave their phone number, message etc like with any standard answering machine and Callwave than immediately streams that recorded voice message on your PC and which sounds with the help of your PC's speakers,

You can than immediately return that phone call or may be complete your internet session and than only can return that phone call, choice is yours,

Answering a Phone Call, How to?!

While listening to the answering machine voice message if you wish than you can also abrupt it and can hit the TALK button and can immediately connect to that phone call which has been recorded with no delay,

Caller ID is free?

Interestingly you never have to pay your local telco for the caller ID facility with this virtual answering machine,

How to Get a Toll Free 800 Number

This virtual second line phone or Internet answering machine also offers a toll free 800 number so this is an alternative numbers for yours and hey can always reach when your phone line is just busy!

Try for Free

You can try this for a cool 30 days period than thereafter this virtual second line will cost you $7.95 a month.

Why India, UAE are Discomfort Zones for RIM-Blackberry?

Do India, UAE are Zone of Discomfort for RIM-Blackberry?

The tussle between Canada's RIM (Research in Motion) Blackberry smart mobiles and many governments is not new, like India, Middle East, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc are amongst the 'troubled' nations who periodically threatens RIM to shut down their services of there respective territories or to give access / encryption key of RIM's secure access servers or even place them in India etc.

Where lies the roots of this smart mobile tussle?

RIM is at loggerheads with the very issue, they are reportedly of the opinion that they can never disclose the encryption secret to any Government, this could pose a threat to their own existence but the countries are adamant on the sake of the national security etc,

India's Stand

The joke or the mockery is that the issue is going now for last several months or may be years with India, neither India stops nor allows RIM to go ahead smoothly just issues ultimatums and fruitless warnings with extensions on each one or two months, which perhaps RIM not taking seriously and is doing its business with as they want,

RIM's Stand

RIM says this is unjust as they are not the only company many are there like SKYPE VOIP etc, but nation is watching the so called tussle as they perhaps know the results that at the end nothing will happen?!


RIM is in the preparation and is all set to launch its Playbook smart tablet PC and reportedly in an interview with BBC the RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis 'fumed' on a question relating to their India presence and business and even abruptly ended the interview, he was so much upset on the India question : ( FYI: RIM has a big market in India with more than one million Blackberry business users and subscribers how could they afford to leave the India which is growing in mobile phone penetration and wireless networking?

Is RIM-Blackberry really a Broken Brand?

... India knows or not but Blackberry RIM absolutely knows that they are NOT the so called 'broken-brand'!

Record a Video Message Using Mask App on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

How To Record a Video Message Using Mask App on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Record a video message using a mask app over iOS Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch using the interesting mobile app in Apple iTunes,

Video Mask for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad is an app which provides an opportunity to record a video message using a mask on your face, this means you can choose an image and with this video mask app can create a mask, which will allow you to go record a video (message) using that picture mask, and only your eyes and lips would be visible, not the face, this is not the face time, its a mask time,


These Video Masks than can be saved to your iPhone library or you even can share them on mobile social networks like Facebook, YouTube or can email them, there are ten pre-made masks are included in the app, the video mask app will soon come into the Apple iTunes store for $ 0.99. Wait and watch.

VoIP Phone to Lead Telecommunication Industry in Coming Years

VoIP phone or the internet phone has been around for more than a decade. The initial years of this industry were really dark and gloomy as the technology had been lurking behind telephone because of the numerous limitations it had.

With the passage of time, research, development and other improvements significantly impacted the way this technology could mature as a viable solution for the telephone users. The biggest hurdle was that of internet speed and availability.

At beginning, internet was available in only few parts of the world and its speed was very low. However, internet connection providers have graduated to better technologies like DSL and now VoIP phone ( can be easily run anywhere.

Here are the main contributing factors, which make VoIP a way better technology than telephone and these are the reasons why VoIP industry will tremendously grow in the near future.

A better service

Service wise, telephone has never been the best option in spite of the fact that it ruled the telecommunication industry for so long. VoIP has always been seen as the predecessor and a better option to telephone.

VoIP has now changed altogether. The technological difference of internet and copper wires has widened the service quality differences by far.

Telephone’s reliability cannot be compared to that of the modern phone. VoIP has not only improved the voice quality by far but it has also furthered the reliability, which is a must-to-have for phone users.

This is not all; service features are also important for any phone service. Telephone services offer only limited features to their subscribers, which also limit their capability in terms of the number of offerings to their customers.

Internet phone users are however offered dozens of features that they can help them get a lot more out of their service. Many premium VoIP providers like Axvoice ( offer advanced features, which enhance the use of the phone for the phone users and also get them more value for their investment into a service.

Call plans

Telephone services don’t have too many plans to offer to their customers. They always try to make packages but mostly these plans look smart in papers only. In practical, you would come to know that telephone service providers seriously lack depth in their offerings to their customers.

Growth of the VoIP industry and consumer response

During the last five years, VoIP industry has grown in epic proportions. Many more VoIP industry players have entered in the market and a lot of new service providers are coming out each day. Some of these VoIP service providers offer their services to the home phone users while others are targeting the businesses.

Consumer response has also been very impressive as they know, they can have a better alternate to their traditional phone service, save more money, enjoy more features and lastly have a lot of call plans to choose from.


VoIP industry is growing at an excellent pace and as the internet services become better worldwide, telephone will be eventually replaced by the internet phone in the coming years globally.


This article is written by Stan Kruger who has a great expertise in writing VOIP articles.

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Qik's Video Connect Will Try to Give FaceTime a Run for Its Money

Remember last fall when video chat company Qik (now acquired by Skype the VOIP King) announced that it would support Apple FaceTime video calls "as soon as apple published the relevant APIs", which would essentially allow Android phones to video chat with Apple phones? And then Qik clarified its position to simply say they are interested in such compatibility as long as Apple is too?

Yeah, me neither.

Well, months went by and nothing followed that little announcement.

Instead of seeking that compatibility, Qik has actually looked to replace that feature on Apple's own devices! Last month they announced a new application for the iPhone and the iPad 2, which they're calling Video Connect.

According to Tim Conneally at, Video Connect is both a standard video chat program and also a "portable video communications suite that includes fly editing, live streaming video effects, video mail, as well as instant social sharing and automatic desktop synchronization."

No word yet as to whether or not Qik has built in cross-platform video chat between phone using Video Connect and phones using Qik. But certainly the potential is there for this third-party developer to break down this barrier and strike it big, especially since the company has been in talks for quite some time about getting Qik preloaded onto about 75million devices in the coming years.

Of course, this cross-system video chatting is not a ten thing. Remember Fring, that third party video chat app that allows users of Droid, iOS, and other systems to video chat? Well, CNET declared Fring a non-competitor to Apple's FaceTime last summer, so the odds do not bode well for Qik's Video Connect feature to replace the preloaded FaceTime app.

However, we have yet to see as to whether or not the new Video Connect capabilities and add-ons make it a worthy opponent to the FaceTime.


This is a guest post by Mariana Ashley, She is a freelance writer and loves writing particularly about accredited online colleges ( Mariana welcomes receiving reader feedback, she could always be reached: [email protected]

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Viber VOIP Free Calls in UAE are Blocked?!

We are in a state of shock and said to say that 'it seems' (near certain) now that Viber VOIP Free Calls too are being blocked in / From UAE (Gulf) now, like Skype or many other VOIPs,

Telephoon VOIP Blog is a popular one in the UAE / Gulf region and many of our esteemed UAE readers continuously are updating us for this situation and the Great Viber team is instantly responding their queries, and in a recent query about Etisalat and Du, the Viber team officially replied the UAE reader that,

"It seems like the UAE blocked Viber, and there is not much we can do unfortunately, We apologize, but it is up to the UAE to decide what to do with it"


Viber is an Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch app (very popular) which was providing the free phone calls /free SMS even from VOIP blocked nations like UAE etc but it seems now that the DU / Etisalat / UAE blocked VIBER VOIP app from there, this is all due to the lucrative revenues losses as we know that VOIP calling route are much cheaper than traditional PSTN telephony to an ordinary consumer! But do really the consumer is the King is a million Dollar question?

Do not loose hearts, just try another VOIP app from Dubai / UAE / Gulf over iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to make VOIP calls this is PointsPhone Mobile VOIP App (over 3G, WIFI, GPRS, EDGE) which promises, an in-built tunnel for passing through VOIP blockades, including Dubai (UAE) {until this too is being blocked in UAE}!

Viber - Free Phone Calls & Text - Viber Media, Inc.

Watch DLF- IPL-T 20 Live: Cricket Stream Online 20:20 Matches

How to view / watch IPL T-20 Cricket matches live stream online in a moving car, on PC / laptop for free (not in real time but 5-10 minutes delayed):

Fan of the game of Cricket? Watched ICC world cup cricket and heard the live audio commentary online while on work, now this is an another season for the IPL (DLF) cricket 20-20 league matches,

You can watch the matches live streaming online here, (Pepsi IPL live streaming on YouTube

Enjoy and watch the IPL (Indian Premier League) T-20 cricket matches live, the digital audio and video quality of the site is excellent. Sorry but the YouTube will NOT air the live stream of IPL 20:20 matches this time, as BCCI has an arrangement this time to beam the matches online & on mobile radio with IndiaTimes for 2011 IPL 4. But of-course you can see IPL-4 live stream matches on YouTube's IndiaTimes official channel.


View and Watch IPL naughty girl cheerleaders in the action, Cheers!!!

Hot IPL cheerleaders
Image courtesy:
About IPL

Virtually Free Calls to India Mobile Numbers

How to make Free (virtually) phone calls to India Mobile Phones (promotion) has a nice offer for the guys who use to make frequent phone calls to India mobile numbers, they are offering phone calls to India cell phones just for 25 cents per call (this is flat per call basis and not per minute basis, a single call may last up to full 60 minutes) so it is virtually free or 0 cents a minute to make calls to India, with this cheap flat rate calling one can be rest assured to make lots of voice chat with their near and dear ones living in India,

The calls to India for virtually free can be made from SINGAPORE, NETHERLANDS, US, Canada, HONG KONG, NEW ZEALAND, Australia, NORWAY, UK, IRELAND, SPAIN, BAHRAIN, INDIA and JAPAN,

Free Calls are not for Landlines but only for mobile phones

These virtual free calling can be made only to India mobile phones and not to the land line currently, may be this feature would be added in the near future, the calls can be made to BSNL, AIRTEL, TATA DOCOMO, IDEA, AIRCEL, RELIANCE TELECOM, VODAFONE, and all or any mobile telecom operators in India.

The current free (virtually) calls promo will last up to April 30, 2011 and may be extended if this happens to be a popular feature for this service.

Last but not least: the free calls to Indian cellular phones phones under 1 minutes are absolutely free : )

HTC ThunderBolt Android Mobile (4G-LTE) & VOIP Video Calls

Thunderbolt is 4.3" Android mobile by HTC on America's Verizon Wireless and this is said to be the very first Verizon 4G LTE cell phone,

ThunderBolt boasts some nice features like: 8 Mega Pixel camera, LED Flash, the in-camera effects, HD Camcorder (720p), DLNA connectivity to ensure that movies, music, pictures etc. beams up wireless way to the flat screen, a 4G uploads enabled cell phone, 1GHz Snapdragon Processor,

A Beyond Wireless technology cell phone:

With HTC Thunder Bolt one can launch the mobile hotspot and this cell phone than works / converts into a wireless hotspot router which provides private and secure WIFI connectivity / 4G for up to five wireless enabled gadgets,

How to make VOIP Video calls over HTC Thunderbolt (Android: 4G-LTE) Mobile? is a mobile IP solutions from Israel, they provide FRING to FRING unlimited free audio / video calls on mobiles from anywhere to anywhere, anytime in the world over 3G, 4G or WIFI, they support iOS (iPhone etc), Symbian, Android mobile platforms etc, and cheap calling using their FringOut service,

So the guys they who need to make the mobile video calls over HTC's ThunderBolt, here is a solution, just fill THIS form, and get equipped your HTC 4G-LTE cell phone for a video voice chat session with yours,

PS: If you want the invite on your Motorola Atrix or Dell Streak you may contact Fring VOIP guys here,


Fring Group Video Call on Mobile Phone (Currently on iPhone & Android)

Free group video calling on cell phones and iPad
Fring Group Video Call on Mobile Phone
(How to make) Free, Live, Unlimited, International Real-Time, Face-to-Face Mobile (currently on iOS Apple iPhone & Android) Group Video Calls over 3G, 4G, WIFI by Fring? is not only an online social mobile network but is also a DVQ (dynamic video quality calls) company from Israel which cares for free and unlimited video calls (Fring to Fring) over 3G, 4G or / and WIFI networks,

Now Fring has an another feather in their cap, by introducing the group video calling on a cellular phone, and this is for real that up to 4 guys from anywhere may join the mobile video call conversation on a single session by using the FRING VOIP mobile software on their cell phones respectively,

Remember that Fring's live group video / audio calls lets up to add four users and to make a group video call on their cell phone simultaneously, all the four persons may talk each other with all other remaining 3 persons in a group,

How to get a FREE Invite for the Fring's Mobile Group Video Calling?

This group video calling on cell phone is right now in limited beta and for the persons wish to test the very opportunity here is the form just fill this (IMEI / UDID numbers etc) for an invite for the Fring's mobile phone group video chat live for free.

... The Fring's claim is BOLD that this going to be the very first time ever in the world, that the world would enjoy the video group call conferencing on a mobile phone : )

Royal Wedding App for iPhone, iPad, iPod - Nokia Mobiles

Get and download Royal Wedding in UK mobile app by the Daily Mirror for Wills & Kate The Royal Love Story' souvenir mobile application for Apple iPhone, iTouch, iPad / Nokia smartphone mobiles,

Here is an app to be downloaded over Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iTunes Store) or Nokia smart mobiles (Ovi Store) to know about the UK royal wedding of Wills and Kate,


Make Free / Cheap Calls From US to Korea

How to make the Free and / or Cheap International Phone Calls from US To South Korea?

Well, Voice2Korea is the name of the phone calls provider to South Korea who claims to provide for cheap phone calls to South Korea from the USA over cell phones and no broadband, internet phone, WIFI, 3G or any app is needed, just a simple cell phone with SMS capability is good,

Also the trial call from US to Korea for full fifteen minutes is free and for NO obligation, the good is that this calling from US works over AT&T and T-Mobile carriers in USA so where there is a network of AT&T or T-Mobile in USA you can make a low cost phone calls to yours living in Korea,

Nothing to buy like a cheap calling card, cost saving VOIP plan or such things, simply send a short code SMS with your cell phone (over AT&T or T-Mobile) to 567567 ("korkor") and you will get subscribed to a local access number to make cheap international calls to South Korea from America,

This is a PAYG (pay as you go) service and you will be charged for the time for which you talked actually, no monthly payments have to be done and nothing recurring here, as they say, could be a good deal for Korean-American mobile phone users living in the America, or travelling to the USA,

Adding & Sharing cheap calls with Friends and Family:

One of the great feature for this cheap cell phone calling provider is that you also can add / share the purchased Voice2Korea minutes with your family and friends just by sending a TEXT "ADD" followed by a space and the ten digit phone number you may wish to add, you can add upto 10 such phone numbers,

Fine Print:

Though there is no expiry of the purchased minutes, but if remaining, than they hold valid for the next use only for 180 days from your last phone call, and there is no short or long term contracts or recurring subscription charges etc, thus holds nice for the occasional phone callers to Korea from the US, and also for Korean house wives and others who do not need any hassles of broadband / VOIP calling,

Start making free 15 minutes trial call to Korea from USA as explained here by texting 'Trial' to the # 567567 (Voice2Korea)!

Bye the way did you heard of Skype Out (Skype on the Go) Calls from mobile phone to anywhere?

Voice Analyzer For Google Voice Users

Q. How can we analyze or check our voice with Google Voice before making any phone calls?

Ans. Yes, by using / activating the Voice-A(na)lyzer settings for the Google Voice users we can check our voice, spoken words before making a phone call, Google Voice the Google's telephony has introduced the VOICE-ALYZER for its users,

What is Google Voice Voice-Alyzer?

This Google Voice setting prevents you from making 'bad' voice and thus taking complete control on your words, you can hear and check your voice quality / words before speaking them out, so by enabling the 'voice alayzer' in Google Voice settings you are sure that your voice would be good when you speak somebody on the phone call. You can choose the time stamp or time setting to initiate this voice analysis feature, the IVR prompt would be there to help you out with the correct spoken words and pronunciation,

Voice analyzer can determine your state of mind thus your voice quality and will prevent the making of call if you are NOT fit to to having a voice conversation,

The GV Voice Analyzer also helps you to send the correct SMS / text message, as they too are being scanned for the accuracy too.

Google Chrome OS Free Notebook Giveaway

How to Get a Free Google Chrome OS Notebooks Outside the U.S.?

Google Chrome OS Notebook is an all new Linux based OS from the Google Inc. and this is designed such to work with the apps which runs on the cloud computing and not on the computer of an individual,

Google has a pilot program for the internationals (non-US guys) {Cr-48 pilot program} to check and use this sophisticated Google Chrome OS Cloud based notebook outside USA, if you want to get considered for this and want that Google may ship you a free Chrome notebook than fill this form now,

Earlier this giveaway was only meant for the US based guys, thank you Google (Chrome).

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