Why Google Adsense & FaceBook are at Loggerheads?

FaceBook and Google Adsense seems to be in a 'silent' dispute over placing of Ads by Google (known as Adsense ads), in Facebook's apps which are developed by Facebook developers ... and the victims simply are the FaceBook app developers, who are upset now!?

Facebook is the most popular online social network of our times and is sometime gets ahead of search giant Google in USA, in number of users terms,

Google no doubt is the King of the net who rules the daily lives of any netizen, without Google we can never think of a virtual life now : )

Google has a free CPC (cost per click) programme to earn honest money online, known as Google Adsense which provides for the Ads by Google, which is used by many large and small web sites and blogs, The Adsense programme is very strict and known for its zero tolerance policy which may ban a person not abiding to the Adsense TOS, Google closely watch its publishers and is very clean and honest in its deeds, that makes them the world's largest online ad publishing platform, they share a portion of earnings (revenues) with their publishers who publishes the free Google ads on their blog or web pages,

Facebook app developers too uses the Adsense ads in the past but now Facebook has removed Google Adsense of its long approved advertisers list, and asked its app developers to comply with Facebook policies, this clearly means a BIG and Huge loss of money for the Facebook App developers,

What to say of Google's loss, they are loosing Facebook's astonishing 500 millions+ worldwide community, for which developers are making the Facebook apps, means big loss of revenues for all viz.: Facebook app developers, Facebook and Google!

The Facebook app developers are in a rage, as Facebook thinks that the Google Adsense must comply with their policies,

Adsense which is rather known to be VERY strict with its publishers to comply to their policy, will comply with Facebook policies or NOT is a very interesting question, lets see what is going to get unfold,

... but one thing is clear that without the Google Adsense this is NOT a lovely world to live in, as Google's Adsense has changed the lives of many : ) and I am one of the best example for this, Google Adsense is like the Gods for us! Long Live, God Bless!!!

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