VOIP: SIP Forking, What is This?

SIP Forking (VOIP) what is this and How to do?

When a single SIP call (session initiation protocol, a voice protocol used in VOIP) is being 'forked' (branched out) to the multiple SIP endpoints than this is know as SIP Forking, this useful SIP feature makes a single incoming phone call to ring on many end points (many phones), within the same time, simultaneously, when somebody dials a single phone number,

So with SIP Forking your desk phone rings simultaneously with your SIP phone / soft phone installed on your cell phone, and you are free to choose and take the call either from desktop or from your cell phone,

SIP forking makes the telecommunication easy and convenient, so the call forwarding rules are not necessary here as both telephone devices rings at the same time and like if you are using SIP Forking telephony in the home or in office your personal assistant / secretary can take your call in your absence or according to your instructions,

SIP Forking is also good for a sales company like when a sales company sells a product / service and gives its phone number, it has several qualified agents to take the call and when a customer dials the phone number, all the SIP forked phone numbers of all that agents ring at the same time and any of the agent not busy at the moment can attend the customer's call, to give him fast and most reliable services on the phone,

SIP Forking is like Google Voice, the Google's free long distance telephony in US / Canada, which provides only one single US phone number for all of your telephones and all the phone numbers ring at a time, simultaneously when somebody dials your Google Voice phone number, you (the user) has a liberty to take the call on any of the ringing phones, it makes life easy and much more comfortable, but only if you really do not feel bad of ringing many phones at the same time : )

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