VoIP Network Over IPv6, Will it Ensure QOS?

IPv6 VoIP network:

IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) is the basically next gen protocol for the Internet! The current Internet protocol is is IPv4 and IPv6 are designed to give away the many advantages over current Internet protocol!

The IPv4 and IPv6 defines the networks layer protocol which means that how data is being transmitted from a computer to the another one, over the packet - switched networks like the Internet!

VOIP over IPV6? Would It be better?

VOIP network over IPV6 will be of-course better as IPV6 will ensure the QOS (quality of service) which is a major issue in Voice over internet protocol implementation, the IPV6 will implement the QOS with marking & help classification of IP packets to provide one of the most reliable VOIP network or the infrastructure,

VOIP over the IPV6 network will be able to detect the traffic flows and can identify the packets to assign certain parameters to group them, the IPV6 will provide the traffic class field of 8 bits in the IPV6 header to implement QOS marking,

Latest in IPV6 - VOIP Networking Technology:

Interoute (Europe's most advanced data network) and the Genband (S3 SBC support) announced that they have an agreement to deliver the official IPV6 VOIP network in the Europe! It will support the IPV6 via S3 session border controller, the GENBAND enables Interoute which will extend its Carrier IP inter-connect / SIP trunking (business) solution into the next Gen. IPV4 & IPV6 networks (native) ...

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