View Real-Time Visual Tips: FourSquare Type

A new geo-location based service the VIEW in the USA is on the cards to get started any day, before SXSW,

... they are simply the location based tips provider with a visual in the real time, whenever you want to know, anything you wish to know, something like the Foursquare tips,

... you are on your way to a restaurant, than open your View app and track / discover the desired real time info, "the password of the WIFI for this restaurant is "goldfishxyz", or "Amy serves free dishes here and is the best female waitress here" or "this bathroom has a secret"... this all info would be in the real time with a photo and the location of-course, this location based service View permits you to increase or decrease your location relevancy,

Apple iPhone app for View, geo-location useful real-time service is coming too and Android users can use it at on cell phones.


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