Video Conference on iPad 2: SIP/H.323: Mirial ClearSea

With the Apple's latest release of its newest wonder tablet PC the iPAD 2 the hectic activities are ongoing relating to VOIP and video calling,

The Facetime is a native free calling app of Apple which comes in-built in iPad 2, having dual cameras to make unlimited free video calls over WIFI hotspots, from anywhere to anywhere, anytime, worldwide,

Now Mirial ClearSea, the mobile video / visual calling experts in the very field has SIP/H.323 video conferencing solution to make seamless, live and real-time video calls on iPad 2, it takes full advantage of dual cameras on iPad and while the video call conference one can switch over the cameras,

Mirial ClearSea is known as the software-only personal / HD mobile video conferencing / first professional video conferencing provider for softwares like Apple's iOS and for Android based devices too, and also to any standards based H-323/SIP gadgets ...

You Tube video: Sip/H.323 Video Calls on iPad 2 {front camera on iPad 2's 3-tap permits to switch to back camera...}

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