Sprint Phones Enables Free Google Voice

Display your Google Voice number for free while calling over the Sprint Mobiles

USA's third largest cell phone operator, the SPRINT has something to rejoice, it has now enabled the Google Voice which provides for the free long distance calling in the USA and Canada! Google Voice means one number that rings all of your phones, its like SIP Forking! and gives ability to make low priced overseas calls,

Sprint customers in the USA can now use their existing phone number as the Google Voice number, and with Google Voice on Sprint, you can receive your phone calls in your home, office or on a PC using Google's email: Gmail!

The calls & texting over Gmail sent from google.com/voice will bear and display your Sprint number, so for Sprinters no need to port or change your phone number,

Now to make calls and send text messaging over Sprint cell phones you can display your GV (Google Voice) number and this feature comes free with Sprint phones, you may anytime turn off this free feature in your Google Voice setting tab, thus Sprint make it very easy to use Google's telephony, the free Google Voice, which gives a free life time US phone number with free calling in USA / Canada,

The seamless Google Voice integration with Sprint customers' phones would enable the Sprint customers' to take full advantage of free Google telephony in USA and all of the GV features will be now available over the Sprint phones for free while making or receiving the phone calls, and there is no need of any app for this all.

Also with the introduction of Nexus S 4G for Sprint (Android), which has Sprint's high speed super 4G data network, also is enabled for Google Voice now,

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