Skype-in-the-Classroom: Students & Teachers Meet Here

Skype Brings Life into a Classroom: A Global Students-Teachers Learning Exchange Programme

VOIP Brand leader the Skype has just launched its latest new programme: SKYPE IN THE CLASSROOM (beta) which connects global students and teachers without leaving the classroom over the digital screen of VOIP video and audio calls Skype!

Skype VOIP has the global reach and they always provide unlimited and free Skype to Skype calls over web or mobile, their outlook and canvas is large thus they are giving the best from them now to worldwide students and teachers to connect over one single platform i.e. over the Skype : )

Skype in the classroom programme will permit the international students to take the virtual digital 'field trips', via audio or video call conferencing in real time, live and streaming, and this Skype session may contain a foreign language learning and / or a cultural exchange, this innovative learning and educational Skype deed will connect the virtual / actual classes around the world, local city or State or the country,

Skype for classrooms is like a free cultural exchange directory for the mentors and teachers, teachers may connect with other teachers without the need to worry of their actual location (yes a time zone may become a problem) they even can share the teaching resources,

Thank you Skype for this noble deed, world need you and You are really doing the deeds of a true communication leader, Cheers!!!

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