Skype Free Credit Vouchers & WIFI in Japan is giving away free Skype credit vouchers (¥80 = $1 value) to registered Japanese Skype users and also is opening its WIFI hotspot Skype Access (till March19, 2011) to be used for free in Japan as a measure of worldwide sympathy to our counterparts living in the Japan!

Redeem the Skype free calls voucher by April 17, 2011 for sure, which the Japan Skype users will receive in their registered Skype email ID,which will surely come by March 18, 2011, in your inbox,

Be sure Skype credit is all free and complimentary and Skype VOIP will not and never charge you for this free calls credit,

Japanese people can surf internet with Skype free WIFI hotspots access and can make VOIP calls or do any desired deed over the net, also with Skype free credit voucher they may call there family, friends, near or dears locally or anywhere living in the world, overseas or so, they also can make Video calls over the net,

Skype is world's biggest VOIP calls provider in terms of its worldwide customers and is always free to call SKYPE TO SKYPE over its voice or video calls with excellent quality and they may be local, long distance or international, over web, mobile, 3G, iPhone or WIFI etc.

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