iPad 2: FaceTime, Video Mirror & VOIP free calls

iPad 2: FaceTime, Video Mirror
iPad 2: FaceTime, Video Mirror
Finally the 'little genie' is out of the 'bottle', and here goes the Apple's latest 'tech weapon' the IPAD 2 the 'killer' weapon which is sure to make the ripples in the gizmo's world and to all geeks who sleep with their trendy gadgets : )

Apple / Steve Jobs launched IPAD 2 tablet PC (hitting USA March 11, 2011 starting USD 499 onwards) and for the persons in waiting, iPad 2 boasts 2 cameras front and rear to make crystal clear unlimited free video calls FACETIME app (iPad 2 - VOIP), anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world over WIFI and anytime, any day,

Apple iPad 2 is sleek, thin, light weight, 9.7 inch LCD screen, 10 hour battery life, comfortable to carry, dual-core A5 chip, make it much faster, fast graphics, HD video, can use many of the Apple Apps in the iTunes store, it has new gyroscope, accelerometer and compass etc, can air-play your movie, photos, music stream to HDTV wire-lessly, can hold digital AV adaptor, connector to USB cable, HDMI cable etc, smart covers,

iPad 2 also has Video Mirroring: Just display your presentations, photos, web page, videos, movies to a big audience on a large screen than use iPad 2 video mirroring! Its smart ...

FYI: Facetime is a single / one-tap, native video calling embedded (built-in-app) app from Apple itself which works over WIFI and in-between iPhone 4, iPod ouch generation 4, Mac and now iPad2,

FaceTime mobile free video calls works on the go over WIFI (VOIP) connection or may be you can create a personal secured WIFI hotspot using a MIFI device, to use in a running car,

Facetime video / audio calling is always free and works over WIFI connections, Facetime is international, it is local, Facetime video calls can be done for long distance calls, or from Pacific ocean to anywhere in the world and even from a flying craft to the Earth : )

New Apple iPad 2 also has a feature called as PHOTO BOOTH, so when you need some photo fun use this photo booth over your latest gadget the iPad 2 to let your iPad 2 camera make some fun faces, and start shooting the snapshot-style,

To complement the iPad 2 Apple announced its iOS 4.3 it would have fast browsing, good Facetime video calling experience and also a personal Hot Spot feature ...

Apple will release iPad 2 to Canada stores by March 25, 2011,

Go, live in the year of Apple iPad 2, Good Luck!!!

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maddy said...

Apple iPad 2 has faster chip called the A5, as well as low power dual core processor and capable of 9x faster graphics.

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