iOs App for Blind to Identify US Currency-Text & Object: LookTel

Real-Time Object Recognition – Text Reader / Scanner / OCR:

There is an app in Apple iTunes store for iOS devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad etc: LookTel,

LookTel ($1.99) money reader (scan) is a talking app (the iPhone devices’ camera reads and announce money denomination) which promises to identify & differentiate between the US currency notes / bills and can be very useful for the visually impaired / blind persons who found it difficult to make a difference between US Dollar bills / currency notes, for example, this app is easily able to differentiate between US $ 1 and US $100,

The app works in real-time & continuously with no need to shoot a snap, it is something in-between a like technology involved in Google's Goggles or AR - Augmented reality: “Object Recognition” …

Actually the technology works on the principal of a Text Reader, just wave your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad to take a snap of the printed text and this app’s system will read it back loudly to you, LookTel sends the images to its servers which runs a fully-featured optical character recognition (OCR) engine, thus with this you can read / listen even the much complex text pages, skewed and rotated images,

This app is also useful in landmark & tag recognition with accessible interface in real time, it looks it has an artificial vision with an artificial intelligence software and can serve as an electronic assistance without a monthly or weekly pay check!

It could be good if this app also can help in identifying the fake currency : )

View LookTel Money reader app on YouTube Video,


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