Group Photos & Videos (Social Mobile App) For iPhone & Android: Color

Group Photos & Videos - Color - Social Mobile Free Photo App for Apple iPhone & Google Android

Q.: I need a social app (free) for group photos (pictures) and videos over Apple iPhone or / and Android mobile devices, can you please help?

A.: Yes! Of-course we will help to find out the picture and video grouping social app on mobiles, here it goes, this is The Color.

Details of the Color Group (Multi-lens) Photo & Video app: was in the news very recently for the stunning price ($3,50,000) paid for this great 5 letter top level domain (TLD)!

Elastic Networking:

Color is a social mobile app (iOS and Android) for photos and videos, means like you are in a party or a social gathering and there are many friends or so having Apple iPhone or Google Android mobile devices than you all can shoot & fly the pictures (photos or snaps) and videos in the party or the vicinity with others photos!

What Color does for you is that you can watch the photos that your friends are taking and also of the persons taking in the vicinity under 100 to 150 feet of your photo, it is like a visual diary!

Basically this photo app, groups all the photos on the basis of the notion that who your friends are thus leaving you to be more anxious in the photos, in which you could be really interested!

With Color photos and video streaming app, you can use multiple Apple iPhones, Android phones to make capture photos, videos, any other conversation (in-built SMS and text messaging) into type of a group social album! Nothing to attach, upload or friending etc., just shoot and share (on Twitter or Facebook), it is all about friends and there colors!

Color System Tools and Technology:

The may administer your phone's Bluetooth device settings, and to pair with remote such devices, it may also view the network state of your device's WIFI, for a smoother communication, also this can allow the apps to accept the cloud to device messages sent by the application's services, and the data usage may incur using this service, also beware about any malicious apps that may cause you some excess of the data usage.

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