Make Google Voice Phone Calls From Any Country

How to Get & Use the Google Voice Call Phone Button Anywhere in Any Country?

As we know that Google Voice is a telephone service from Google Inc. which gives free phone calls / SMS in US & Canada, but this free phone service only is available to the residents of US and Canada and not to the international countries,

Google Voice provides for a free lifetime US phone number and one number rings all of your telephones which are connected or linked with the number,

The Google Voice app is also available for free in Apple iTunes store for a download on Apple (iOS) iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad,

But here is a website: which claims that any one can get the Google Voice call phone button in any country of the world and is NOT limited only to the US/Canada residents,

(they are selling their 'solution' for GBP 10, but we can not confirm this claim to be true, as we had not tested this claim, so if you are going to buy this, please do at your own peril),

They say that using this Google Voice solution the internationals would be able to make calls of Google Voice and they do not need to be in the USA or Canada, in-particular they seems to be selling their GV service to the UK users! We hope this works!

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