Google Mobile Search Ads: Click-To-Call Emergency Info.

Google Mobile search displays click-able phone numbers along with local ads on mobile devices, and relevant emergency click to call phone numbers at the top of its search results for the emergency searches such as, suicide, poison etc, in 14 country Google mobile searches,

People on these internet mobile search now can make a call and talk to these emergency numbers displayed with these emergency key words like suicide, poison etc, Google had made enable these numbers as click to call, one can dial the emergency number with a click and connect with the phone number displayed int emergency mobile search,

This would certainly help the people in fear, depression or in an emergency (911) etc to to make a cell phone call for the requisite help instantly as and when they need it!

Now do not you think that Google is the Master of he Universe it has an atrtificial intelligence and rules the web's unknown virtual world galaxy ...

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