Gig: Fiber-to-Home Service: 1000 MB / Sec Fast Broadband

Fiber to home service with a speed of 1000 MBPS, ultra high speed and very fast broadband with symmetric upload / download speeds (for less than USD26) is now opened in the land of Hong Kong for its residents and this is known as GIG!

NYT reports that US guys do not have such an astonishing broadband speed, what they should have and could be : (

Even the Verizon, which is rated to be the US leading provider for the FIBER TO THE HOME SERVICE does not provides for the GIG fast broadband service,

Perhaps Hong Kong's population density may be the reason for the low cost, fast speed GIG broadband for its residents?!

Google has a GIG project for America which involves Google Fiber for the communities to improve the nations broadband internet speed to the Gig, get invloved and make the USA the fastest broadband speed nation in the world!

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