Free Phone Calls to Japan: Fring, Time Warner, Mobi PCS

Make Free Phone Calls to Japan

When the Nature comes to its most devastating fury, all of the technology instantly becomes futile, the Man becomes a dwarf which is helpless and just a mute spectator, this says all about the Man and his most advanced Science in front of Gods !

World is helplessly witnessing history in the making in the Land of Sunrise, Japan earthquake & Tsunami has taken lots of lives, thanks to the patience and courage of Japanese people, the world is with you,

In the times of Nuclear Emergency in Japan, many telecom and VOIP companies have come forward and are offering the free phone (voice) calls to Japan, and we know Japanese communication networks may not be working there properly,


Google had immediately responded with an online crisis center, could be accessed on web or using mobile,


Skype largest VOIP to world is giving away its free calling on Skype WIFI Access to the Japanese people,


Sweden based mobile VOIP provider is giving away free phone calls (even on mobile to Japan mobile / landlines) to Japan, until March 14 2011, if you are a Rebtel user than it is good or you can free sign up here >> Free Calls with Rebtel and start making free calls to Japan with no credit needed or any fine print, they are a very trusted mobile VOIP name with 10 million+ global subscribers!


Fring is a popular mobile VOIP company from Israel and is offering free phone calls to Japan to any phone from any part of the world, thank you Fring for the most human cause with sentiments,


AT&T is giving away free calls / sms from USA and Puerto Rico to Japan till the end of March 2011,

Time Warner:

The free phone calls to Japan (Nippon) for the Time Warner Cable Digital phone / Time warner cable business phone customers is here till April 15, 2011,

Vonage Free Calls to Japan:

Vonage too is providing free calls to Japan

Verizon Wireless:

Verizon too Tweeted that they are about to give away all free calls, free text messages from US to Japan,


Sprint calls and SMS are free to Japan too,


Hawaii's wireless cellular call carrier the Mobi PCS too comes ahead by its free Japan calling human offer to its network,

Skype, Twitter & Facebook:

Social networks like, are very useful for these troubled times and never forget internet telephony (VOIP phone calls) King SKYPE when phone lines are busy or troubled ones,

The Japan, one of the most advanced country in mobile and telecom technology is struggling, we all the wold people are and should be with them helping and praying in the time of such sudden crisis, this could happen to anyone?!

Locate US Citizens or traveling in Japan:

Call at: 1-888-407-4747

Contact to State Department, Offices Overseas Citizens Services,

Other Useful Resources:

Twitter search for hashtag #tsunami

Twitter search for the hash tag #prayfor japan

CNN's live blog having continuous updates

God Bless!!!

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