Free Mobile VOIP Calls on Android Devices: VoxTrot

Switzerland's IMV AG's VoxTrot is a free mobile to mobile 4th generation mobile VOIP voice call making app over the Android devices & mobile phones to make local or overseas calling (Voxtrot to Voxtrot calls only are free),

Read VoxTrot FAQ {} before you go and learn how to use this VOIP calling on Android, Voxtrot VOIP calls are run over internet thus it uses data connection GPRS, HSDPA, EDGE, WIFI, 3G, 4G etc which could be charged by your local telecom operator but than the calls over Android are free as they will not consume your cell phone minutes,

Voxtrox VOIP calls uses approx 190 KB of data per minute, so virtually it costs a cent to call worldwide, cell to cell, anywhere on a per minute basis, this app is coming over Apple iPhone too very soon, currently this works over Android mobile and devices,

Use this mobile Android VOIP TO MAKE FREE international calls over mobile phones with no PC ever needed, its bit like the mVOIP company based in Sweden,

Get it from Android Market, and learn how to use this,

FYI: The founder of this Droid mobile VOIP App, Taavet Hinrikus was Skype's first employee who worked hard to make VOIP calling an alternate to PSTN calls, but as he thought Skype was felling short over mobile VOIP apps thus he turned to create the VoxTrot!

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