Free Cell Phone Calls: AT&T, Verizon: NYT says...

NYT technology columnist, David Pogue has a nice researched post to make free cell phones calls in USA using Google Voice with A-List plan or Family and friends' plan etc.,

Pogue suggests that there is a tweak to make free calls over cell phone without listening to Ads, no WIFI needed and no 'minutes' would get consumed,

The formula is quiet simple that Google Voice (provides free calls in US / Canada) has a feature :

... the phone calls (outgoing) can be made via Google instead of your telecom provider, you have to dial your own Google Voice number > press 2 > dial the desired phone number ... but if you are doing this over your cell phone than you will not save much as you are still consuming your 'minutes',

The 'honest' trick again comes here:

VERIZON / AT&T allows you to save 5 to 10 phone numbers, the frequently calling numbers, and you know all the calls always to / from these saved numbers are free, these Family & friends or A-LIST numbers can be of cell phone, landline or any network within USA, no problems, T-Mobile and Sprint have no more such plans now,

... well, just register your own GV number to the list of family-friends or A-list > dial your own number > press 2 > dial the desired phone number and you will get a free call on your cell phone with no consuming minutes : ) Thank you David Pogue!


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