Make Free VoIP Video Chat & Group Conversation with Facebook friends and starngers

Free video calling with Facebook friends and strangers
Free video call with FB friends and strangers
Facebook Friends & Strangers - Free IP Video Chat & Group Conversation

… An online FREE Facebook social video conversation with friends, group of friends (muti-person) and guys (strangers) who REALLY care & share interests with you!

A new tech start-up called as SOCIALEYES is giving away for free the online digital video chat (video calls and video messaging) with Face book friends,

Log-in into Socialeyes free video calling web using the Facebook Connect login, and start making free unlimited video calls with Facebook online friends & strangers on the Facebook instantly at anywhere, individually or in a group, for offline Facebook friends just leave a video call message,

Also it is an option to leave the PC Windows open & running in the background like in Skype calls so your friends can hear or may watch you, if you do no mind,

Social eyes is bit different concept from Skype VOIP video calls, Facetime video calls from Apple and Gmail video chat as it holds an element called "The SOCIAL" and you can join your online Facebook friends to enhance your social bonding, or can make a video chat with other Facebook strangers which may become Facebook friend in turn, to do this just make any ‘room’ or join a public room : )

Socialeyes, the Facebook video calls team is also now working on the mobile video chat app, just wait and get connected to the world of friends and would be friends, hey you also can embed or share your YouTube video with your friends …

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