EverNote Snapshot Notes on iPad 2, iPhone, iPod Touch

How to take advantage of the Evernote app over iPad 2 cameras? Can we create the snapshot notes while using the Apple iPad 2 cameras?

According to Wikipedia the Ever Note is a suite of software & also services which are designed for notes taking and archiving, the note can be any format-able text, webpage, photo, voice memo, handwritten ink note or such, it is just like an online version of a yellow sticky pad!

The Evernote FREE app for Apple iPad 2, iPhone, iPod Touch turns these Apple iOS gadgets into an extension of the brain, means this app helps us to remember and grasp any thing in an easy way, everything seems comes to get fit in Evernote's virtual notepad! You can share and sync your iGadgets' with your Mac, Web or Windows PC,

Updated Latest Version of EverNote 4.0.1:

The latest Evernote virtual note pad has few new features like, this holds good for Apple's latest crazy-go tablet PC, the iPad 2, with dual cameras and one can take advantage of the iPad 2 cameras by creating the snapshot notes while using the Apple iPad 2 cameras.

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