Difference Between Android & Droid Mobile, What is?

Do the terms DROID & ANDROID differs or are the same and means same? If there is some actual or literal difference in the meanings of the two?

Bit confusing for a newbie, but interesting for a veteran : )

Well, in simple terms Droid are the (hardware) mobiles made by Motorola which Verizon-wireless sells and also by HTC Droid Eris,

Google Android is one of the latest & popular software, i.e. mobile operating system (OS) by Google which comes handy with many mobile phones and mobile devices,

Android is the Linux kernel based, its applications are written in Java language, it can also run app written in C language, this is a product of an Open Handset Alliance,

... so Droid brand hardware are primarily Motorola made cell phones + HTC's Droid Eris; Verizon Wireless sells them and they are having software of Google's Android mobile OS with them,

{Moto Droid cell phones are sold in Canada / Europe with the name Motorola Milestone}

I think, this may give some sigh of relief now : ) as we have cracked the mobile puzzle, got the solution for this amazing cell phone knot and got to know that Android and Droid are bit different notions and not the same and one concept but with one thing in common, i.e. Android OS!

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Anonymous said...

I would say that this still isn't quite right. The "Droid" moniker is used by more than just Motorola and HTC. The Moto Droid was the first in this line, but since VZW has released many devices from multiple manufacturers, some with and some without the "Droid" Branding. For example, the Samsung Fascinate (aka Galaxy) was not Droid branded, but it's new counter part, the Droid Charge, is. The one thing that really set the Fascinate apart was the inclusion of Bing services instead of Google Services, for search and nav. Another example is the Motorola Devour, which was an Android phone, but not marketed as a Droid, and this was primarily because of Blur, a UI that completely changed the interface and social networking. Therefore, It is my theory that the "Droid" branding alludes to a certain idealistic Android experience. While most manufacturers, even with Droid branding, have their own UI like new Blur, Htc Sense, Samsung's TouchWiz, the deviation from Google's intended experience is less.

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