Call Friends Via Twitter ID / Names: Go800 (46800)

Go800 / 46800 Text-to-Talk Service with Voice Keyword:

NYT featured a great post that you can call your friends using their Twitter IDs or Twitter names, do not trouble you to remember their phone numbers : )

The G0800 is a new free telephone service which promises to place phone calls using the person's Twitter handle as his phone number, this free phone service is trying to replace the phone numbers with Twitter profile names!

If you want to make a call using Go800, than SMS his Twitter name to the number 46800 (Go800) and you will get connected, you can control who can reach you and who can not, the Twitter authentication is needed to protect the identities, so nothing to worry when it is Go800 or 46800,

The person receiving the phone call receives a normal phone call with the true caller ID phone number on the display,

Go800 / 46800 is able to work with any phone with SMS sending capability and not only confined to the smart cell phones, so if you even do not maintain your contacts address book, even than you may call Twitter pals by remembering their Twitter names, NYT says that Go800 is also useful for the guys who always forget to charge their cell phones : )

No credit card is needed for a starter account, they are free and includes 100FREE minutes of usage a month and upgrades will be available for the additional minutes.

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