Free VOIP Calls (WIFI) on BlackBerry 9700 Bold / Curve 8520: Nimbuzz

Free VOIP Calling over WIFI on RIM BlackBerry 9700 Bold & Blackberry Curve 8520 using Nimbuzz mobile VOIP (mVOIP)

Finally here is a mobile app to make free VOIP calls on RIM’s Blackberry mobile smart phones models: BlackBerry 9700 Bold / Blackberry Curve 8520, (Free calling is from Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz, Windows Live/MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk),

Nimbuzz is a popular VOIP mobile app to make free international calls and messaging and keeps the generations connected using mobile VOIP platform giving them free and low cost phone calls, Nimbuzz VOIP Tweeted this news for the mobile VOIP world,

VOIP on mobile with Nimbuzz means the blending of internet + mobile communications into one, thus makes phone calling free and rather low cost telephony to get connected with your family and friends living anywhere in the world,

RIM is Research in Motion which is based in Canada and is a name in making popular Blackberry mobile smart phones, which is a brand used and in much demand worldwide with its many models, and Business class loves Blackberry,

Blackberry server encryption is a very tough and secured thing to get or cracked, they have secured messaging and many countries of the world (India, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc.) many times goes in tussle with RIM on the server encryption issue to give them an access or keep the servers in their nation, but the clever Canada telco, the RIM manages and handles these countries very well with no compromise to its technology : )

… Well, the VOIP on BlackBerry 9700 Bold & Blackberry Curve 8520 will give a new meaning of life and savings to these handset lovers and they could now make Nimbuzz free phone calls on their latest RIM set.


How VOIP / Internet Voice Calls works?

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