Ads for Skype: Advertising Money on Skype for Windows

Ads for Skype

Finally the Global VOIP Power, The Skype had accepted the power of the online advertising revenue and will roll out Ads on the Home Tab in Skype for Windows coming this week starting with its prime markets first: Germany, US, UK,

Skype users largely use Skype VOIP audio / video calls for free (SKYPE TO SKYPE) anywhere to anywhere, anytime, any day whole of the year, they are P2P calls and very easy to start with,

The source of revenue for Skype is currently its subscriptions and selling various services like Skype access, SMS etc, but for the very first time they are eyeing for the Ad based online revenue model which pays!

Online ads for the publishers is not a new thing, many people like us Blog full time for a sole living and no doubt the Google Adsense is the champion on this cause they had changed the lives of many in this world : )

Well, the VOIP Guru Skype announced on their Big Blog that these ads will bring revenue for them but will never inter fear in the conversation, no pop ups, no flashy ads and so, so never worry for the Ads, even I believe the Ads are like an asset for a web page which enhance its value by giving a user more relevant info, if they are not TOO much,

Skype ads from premier brands could be geo-targeted like Google Adsense, i.e. country / region specific so the advertiser do not loose their revenue and could fetch best ROI,

Wait for the thunder, Skype ads we welcome you, grow rich, when the King is rich, He could provide us all much and more better and enhanced services!

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