Ads by Nokia, VISA, Groupon on Skype

Brand Ads coming Skype Way!

This is confirmed that Skype VOIP is rolling down ads on it Home tab starting next week in Germany, UK, US etc. thus giving big brands good chance to earn / share revenues online with VOIP King Skype,

The first premium brands to get place on the Skype VOIP software's ads are amongst: Nokia, Groupon, VISA, Universal Pictures etc. later many biggies would pour to Skype video calling etc as Skype has an unlimited potential which is on an increase like always, so brands have a good opportunity to earn & share online revenues with Skype! and if Google Adsense join hands with Skype, than it could create a steady and never ending money stream for both the giants!

But the Google Adsense recently divorced Facebook ads and the Facebook app developers are in a rage now to lost big money opportunity which was very genuine and honest!

The Skype initial partners in advertising media are: US - Meebo; UK - Ad2One; Germany - Stroer Interactive! ... and the Skype home tab will air these sponsored ads, wait for the future!

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